Anime Basics: Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic

Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Season: Summer 2017
Premiere Date: July 1, 2017


This anime features characters from the Luck & Logic anime.


It’s time to Trance!!

On a spring day when the cherry blossoms have started to fall, the naïve princess of a small country, Lion begins her days at a school in Hokkaido. The school houses a special facility run by ALCA that trains Logicalists who protect the peace of the world. Lion has a lot of unique classmates in Class 1-S, including Nina, a Logicalist. This is the story of the energetic and adorable days the Logicalists-in-training spend together. It’s time to Trance!


Liones Yelistratova
Voice: Madoka Asahina

A naïve, energetic girl who never forgets to smile. She’s actually the princess of a certain country, and this is her first time ever attending school. She ends up starting school a month late due to various circumstances. Belle is her Foreigner who has been by her side since childhood.

Nina Alexandrovna
Voice: Hibiku Yamamura

A genius girl who gives off a mature, cool aura. Her academic abilities exceed those of a college graduate. She works as a Logicalist, and takes pride in her ability to protect others. She enters Class 1-S after receiving orders from ALCA.

Mahiro Kyobashi
Voice: Natsumi Takamori

A girl who loves Foreigners and tinkering with machines. She is extremely dedicated when it comes to what she wants to do. Mahiro makes a variety of inventions, but Yayoi gets angry at her because said inventions often cause explosions.

Yayoi Tachibana
Voice: Suzuko Mimori

A class representative of Class 1-S who is very no-nonsense, but is good at looking after others. She’s the daughter of the world-famous Tachibana zaibatsu, and she puts all her effort into everything she does in order to live up to her family’s name.

Yuko Morigaya
Voice: Kana Ueda

A mature girl from Class 6-S who is nice to everyone. She takes care of the first-year students as the dorm head of the Shirakaba Dorm. She’s also respected by her fellow peers as the secretary of the student council. Her hobby is making sweets.

Karin Kobayashi
Voice: Yui Ogura

A girl who was born into a family that has served the Tachibanas for generations, and as such, she has been at Yayoi’s service since she was a child. She adores her mistress, and does her best to be of help to her. She’s a tad bit too knowledgeable about sex despite her lack of experience.

Karen Kiritani
Voice: Kaede Yuasa

Karin’s laid-back twin sister who loves to eat. She’s served Yayoi alongside her sister since she was young. Karen is very physically strong but weak in the smarts department, so she leaves the thinking to her sister.

Where to Watch

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FUNimation (dub)


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Original Story: Septpia
Concept: Yuya Takahashi (QueenB)
Director: Hiroaki Akagi
Series Structure: Yukie Sugawara
Concept Design: Mari Shimazaki
Animation Character Design: Kyoko Nagata
Original Character Design: Yu Akinashi , Mari Shimazaki, Ariko, Kana Kuramoto
Character Design: Satomi Kurita, Manabu Nii
Art Director: Norifumi Nakamura
Color Setting: Yuta Takeuchi
Director of Cinematography: Takehiro Go
3D Director: Eiji Inomoto
Editor: Aya Hida
Music: Kenji Ito
Music Production: Lantis
Sound Director: Takahiro Enomoto
Opening Theme Song: “BUTTERFLY EFFECTOR” by TRUE
Ending Theme Song: “Baby Bird! ~Gakuen Logic~” (Baby Bird! ~Academy Logic~) by Madoka Asahina, Hibiku Yamamura, Natsumi Takamori (as Liones Yelistratova, Nina Alexandrovna, Mahiro Kyobashi)
Animation Production: DOGA KOBO
Produced by: Project Luck & Logic


Madoka Asahina as Liones Yelistratova
Hibiku Yamamura as Nina Alexandrovna
Natsumi Takamori as Mahiro Kyobashi
Suzuko Mimori as Yayoi Tachibana
Kana Ueda as Yuko Morigaya
Yui Ogura as Karin Kiritani
Kaede Yuasa as Karen Kiritani
Maaya Uchida as Mizuki Azuma
Ayaka Ohashi as Aoi Iroha
Mikoi Sasaki as Ashley Bradbury
Mai Aizawa as Shizuha Kagura
Tomoyo Takayanagi as Rino Fujisaki
Akiko Yajima as Principal
Atsumi Tanezaki as Vice-Principal
Rikiya Koyama as Liones’ Father
Eriko Matsui as Rosa
Rimi Nishimoto as Amol
Izumi Kitta as Qipao
Ryu Nakatani as Selen Researcher 013
Marie Miyake as Belle
Eriko Matsui as Vesta

© Project Luck & Logic

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