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March Comes in Like a Lion is the story of a young professional shogi player, Rei Kiriyama, and the people in his life. The anime and original manga are set in real world locations, with various buildings and landmarks making an appearance. Here are a few of them.

The Tsukishima Area

An area in the Chūō City ward of Tokyo. Much of the stories involving Rei’s personal life take place in this area.

Chūō-Ohashi Bridge

The bridge that serves as the dividing line between Rei’s cold, private life, and the warm welcoming friendship of the Kawamoto sisters. Numerous events happen on, around, and under this memorable bridge within the series.

A location near the bridge where Hinata Kawamoto ran to to cry after celebrating Bon Festival.

Under the bridge where Rei spoke with is foster sister, Kyoko.

Water Level Measuring Spot

This rather unique cube-shaped structure is actually for measuring the tide in Tokyo Bay. Currently it’s not in use. The object often appears in the background during scenes near Rei’s apartment.

Tsukishima Lighthouse Replica

This miniature lighthouse at Tsukuda Park also appears in the background of various scenes on the Kawamoto family side of the Chūō-Ohashi Bridge.


This tsukudani shop was opened in 1837 and has been in business for 180 years. This building serves as the model for the Japanese confectionery store, Mikazuki-dō, that the Kawamoto sisters live in.

This nearby bridge serves as the location for various scenes that take place near the Kawamoto home.

Monja Street

An old shopping street in Tsukishima that is famous for the numerous monjayaki shops that line it. This street is where the youngest Kawamoto sister, Momo, first meets Rei’s shogi rival, Harunobu Nikaidō.

The Sendagaya Area

While much of Rei’s private life takes place in the Tsukishima area, a good portion of his professional shogi life takes place in Sendagaya, roughly a 20 minute train ride away.

Shogi Hall

The location where most of Rei’s official shogi matches are held and where he often interacts with the other members of the shogi league. The first two floors of the building are open to the public where public shogi events are often held. The upper floors are for shogi league members

Hatanomori Hachiman Shrine

A shrine where members of the shogi league regularly pay their respects. The shrine appears initially in episode nine of the first series before Rei’s match with the elder player, Shoichi Matsunaga.

Much of Tsukishima and Sendagaya appear in the backgrounds of March Comes in Like a Lion. Simply walking about, one will be able to recognize various spots and landmarks from the series. Like with other series that utilize real life locations, actually visiting the places a series takes place in can give you the feeling that you’re actually stepping into the anime world. It also gives one an appreciation for the work that goes into the background art to make things seem more real. Real world locations such as these are where stories can transcend their media and make a story feel more real.

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March Comes in Like a Lion can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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