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With anime polls, we often see which anime are most popular, but a new servery shows which fall 2016 anime left their viewers feeling most satisfied.

Company Gz Brain will be publishing a PDF file of the findings of their anime marketing surveys on December 14. As a sample, the company released the surveys relating to how much Japanese people watch in comparison to their outcome and what anime satisfied them from the period of fall 2016 and summer 2017. The company used their user research system “eb-i,” which collects data from over 250 thousand screened individuals from 47 cities all over Japan between the ages of five and 69.

51.5 percent of people who watch no anime at all didn’t use any disposable income on content related to entertainment. On the other hand, 81.1 percent of people who watch six or more anime per week used their disposable income on entertainment. The largest demographic of people who answered the survey was the one between 20 and 40 years old.

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Fall 2016 Anime Satisfaction Ranking – Top 5

Ranking Title Rate of Satisfaction (in percent)
1) Haikyu (Season 3) 45.0%
2) Natsume Yujin-cho 6 42.9%
3) Yuri!!! on ICE 42.4%
4) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. 39.8%
5) Sound! Euphonium 2 35.8%

Fall 2016 Anime Satisfaction – Top 5 by Gender

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Ranking Title Rate of Satisfaction (in percent)
1) Tiger Mask W 87.8%
2) Long Riders! 86.4%
3) Keijo!!!!!!!! 86.3%
4) Brave Witches 84.1%
5) Magic of Stella 83.3%

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Ranking Title Rate of Satisfaction (in percent)
1) Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- 82.8%
2) Yuri!!! on ICE 78.2%
3) Bungo Stray Dogs 71.5%
4) Kiss Him, Not Me 66.9%
5) Chibi Maruko-chan 63.7

The full PDF of consumer data will be available on December 13 for the price of 34,560 yen (about US$305).

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