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Our Love Has Only Been 10 Centimeters Apart is a pretty standard story of boy meets girl (and boy meets girl and boy meets girl, if we consider the other parts of the series). Yet this is far from a problem. As the series reminds us, “there’s really only one story.”

I’m a total sucker for a good love story, and I voraciously read and watch them with little complaint. There are enough folks out there like me that this continues to be profitable, and I’m happy it is, because the most recent part of the series certainly gives me my fix.

Image source: HoneyWorks アニメ公式 on Twitter

Seen the previous two parts of the Confession Executive Committee Love Series (which actually occur at the basic same time, but from the vantage point of different characters) isn’t necessary. There are three couples, but focusing on just one in each series makes them all completely self-contained. Of course, watching all three of the sections lead to a better understanding of all of the characters, but that doesn’t mean the enjoyment is diminished by only sticking to a single part. Frankly, if “sappy” love stories are your thing as much as they mine, you’re probably not just going to enjoy a single part, but likely enjoy them all. 

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The most recent part is concerned with the “spring couple” of Serizawa Haruki and Aida Miou. Haruki is a boisterous, popular director. A prominent member of the Radio Television Film (RTF) club, he is very successful in his student films. He dreams of being a famous director and it looks like he’s likely to succeed. His brash personality sometimes leads to him being disrespectful to adults—even his principal—and he somehow gets away with it. Miou is his opposite in some ways. Quiet and without the ability to stand out, she doesn’t tend to take first prizes and she blends into the background. Unfortunately, some of this seems to be a self-fulling prophecy as she continually puts herself down. Despite her lack of top awards, she is a talented creator in her own right, as she seems exceptionally good as a painter. Even more so, she seems to have a kind and patient personality and the ability to teach. Her low-self esteem is upsetting to Haruki, who has eyes only for her. 

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Haruki is very much the initial instigator of the romance. He has quietly held onto his own feelings for Miou since the very first day they met. Haruki is not just a film maker, he’s a true cinematographer and pays specific attention to the framing of scenes. There is a cherry tree in the center of the courtyard of the high school he finds to have excellent framing. As he mimes panning down the tree, his gaze rests upon Miou gazing up at her namesake (she is named after the sakura blossom), and he finds that she adds something special to the scene merely by being present. As time goes on he finds himself spending more and more time watching Miou. Which invariably means he spends more time around her and she around him. His kinds words and cheerleading means that, as time goes on, Miou starts paying more attention to him too.

Although Haruki’s feelings start much earlier than Miou’s, the attraction is quite mutual, and Miou finds her own feelings for Haruki growing day by day. This is especially true after Haruki takes the time to reprimand her for constantly being so down on herself. While Miou initially cannot see herself as anything special, Haruki can’t see her as anything but special. Intrigued by someone who would so fiercely defend her uniqueness, she edges ever closer to Haruki and realizes that she now has feelings for him. Asking him if he has anyone he likes, he admits that he does. Asking her in turn, Haruki hears that she too has someone she likes. Both figure out pretty quickly that they only spend time with each other, and so they must both like each other. Yet they cannot bring themselves to actually admit it.

Image source: HoneyWorks アニメ公式 on Twitter

This also has not gone unnoticed by their friends (who make up the other couples in the Love Series trilogy) and they seem to believe that the pair is already dating even before the pair realize the depth of their own feelings. I can’t say that anything in Our Love Has Only Been 10 Centimeters Apart goes over new ground, but it does give us a classic example of two people who are perfect for each other stumbling to come together. There’s no doubt that they will get together, the fun is watching them struggle to do so. We love a good pair to root for, and from everything we have seen in the first episode of Our Love Has Only Been 10 Centimeters Apart, Haruki and Miou are worth our cheering. 

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