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The hero of Black Clover has a lot of hang-ups. But, he isn’t the only one who’s got some issues. The series heroine also has her own complications that make her an interesting character.

In the world of Black Clover everyone can use magic. But, some people are gifted with more magical power. Many of those people are from aristocratic families. Our heroine, Noelle Silva, is one such person. However, her great power comes with the inability to control it. Add in her abrasive personality and we have a girl who’s got a few things to deal with.

Image source: テレビアニメ「ブラッククローバー」公式 on Twitter

However, we haven’t seen much of Noelle, let alone what makes her who she is, unless we dig a little deeper. And, surprisingly, it’s not all that difficult to understand her character to realize how fascinating she is and how great her potential for growth.

We’ve touched upon Noelle a bit, but we didn’t get to the core of her character. More specifically, we go into one aspect of her character: the fact she can’t control her magic. While that makes for an interesting character trait, it doesn’t fully flesh out her character. However, when we look at this trait carefully we find one important fact about her: She’s extremely insecure about herself and her abilities. It comes in small doses, but it’s been there since her first appearance in the fourth episode.

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Recently, though, the ninth episode of the series accentuated Noelle’s self-doubt by giving her a choice: run away or stay and fight. While the clear choice is stay and fight—it’s part of her job as a Magic Knight, after all—we see she instantly has self-doubt. It comes from how she perceives herself as holding fellow squad members Asta and Magna back because she can’t control her magic. It’s odd Noelle feels this way to because two episodes prior to this Asta gave her a boost in confidence. So, you’d think she’d be a little more optimistic about her position within the party. But, alas, she isn’t. Her insecurities are rooted deep in her psyche.

Image source: テレビアニメ「ブラッククローバー」公式 on Twitter

In fact, Noelle’s insecurities are so deep rooted, the way she hides them is part of her personality. They’re the reason for her abrasive and highfalutin attitude towards everyone around her. Consider it like this, Noelle’s is from an aristocratic family. Therefore she needs to retain a certain amount of pride about her. While she’s clearly proud of her heritage, she takes it overboard because of her insecurities surrounding her inability to control magic. She literally present herself as important to cover up the fact she has a massive problem that affects her duties as a Magic Knight.

But this raises a fundamental question about Noelle: Why is she insecure about her magical talent and why does she put on a façade? It’s not an easy question to answer. Yet, we’ve seen glimpses into the very nature of her self-doubt. Her first appearance in the fourth episode gives us our first look into it. She’s approached by one of the Magic Knight Squad Captains and is essentially told, “No body wants you” and, “You’re defective.” At the time this implies the two characters are somehow related to and at odds with each other. What we learn in the seventh episode, though, fills in the gaps we need. The man is Noelle’s older brother and he’s always treated her poorly.

So, why is it Noelle’s older bother treats her so poorly? It stems from one major fact: they’re aristocrats. As aristocrats, failure or the perception of failure isn’t tolerated because it makes a mockery of every other aristocrat. Because Noelle is unable to control her magic she’s seen as a failure by her family. Thus, it stands to reason because Noelle’s family treats her with disdain she developed her insecurities. What worse is, no one in her family seems to want to address the issue or help her in any way. They just cast her aside and treat her as somehow defective. So, it’s almost no wonder Noelle has to hide behind a hard exterior when she’s around her peers and colleagues. She doesn’t want them to consider her “defective” as well.

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What, then, is actually going to break Noelle from her cycle of self-doubt? It’s none other than Asta. Of course, this is a bit simplistic. However, it’s true. And we’re not just talking about Asta’s presence, but also the idea of Asta. In terms of his presence, because the two entered the same Squad at the same time, he fits the role of an easy confidant for Noelle. Add on top of this he’s the first person to acknowledge her talent. This provides a bond of trust between the two characters and allows them to speak freely with each other. It’s why we don’t see Noelle act too pretentious around Asta.

It’s the “idea of Asta” that’s more important to Noelle’s development, though. Asta is an incredibly optimistic person, who shrugs off criticism, and takes on any challenge. While Noelle’s seen this, she has yet to full grasp it. That is, until the latest two episodes. In these episodes we see Asta, Magna, and Noelle protecting a village from evil mages. Unfortunately, we see Noelle’s self-doubt come to the forefront in during the events or the episodes.

Image source: テレビアニメ「ブラッククローバー」公式 on Twitter

Yet, two things force her to challenge her insecurities head on. Asta and Magna not giving up on saving the villagers and Noelle recognizing abandoning the villagers is a coward’s way out; that she needs to face the villains even if that means she messes up, holds Asta and Magna back, or is laughed at by those around her. She’s taking in the idea of what Asta represents and beginning to learn form it. And once Noelle begins to embrace this, she not only gets a new spell, but also is able control it. Thus, it’s her first step towards overcoming what’s holding her back.

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Noelle appears like a grating character at first. But, when we dig a little deeper we find she has her own demons and insecurities she needs to overcome. While those demons and insecurities are deep-seeded, she now has friends who can help her overcome them.

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