And workedout with Mash.

Fate/Grand Order VR was released for free on the PSN yesterday. And while I thought I knew what to expect thanks to seeing it at various trade shows, there was an entire half of the game I’d never seen before—namely a date with the franchise’s most popular character, Saber.

I Played Fate/Grand Order VR and I Couldn’t Stop Smiling

Fate/Grand Order VR, a short VR experience made to promote the insanely popular smartphone game Fate/Grand Order, has been making the rounds of various game shows and Fate franchise-related events for the past half-year. Yesterday, it was released on the Japanese PlayStation Network for PlayStation VR so I decided to explore every nook and cranny of the game—and I’m glad I did. There’s a whole half of the game I’ve never seen before.

The first half of the game is exactly what had been shown off before. As the game begins, you are sitting in your room at the Chaldea Security Organization—aka the “My Room” options menu of smartphone game Fate/Grand Order. Soon you are join by the heroine of the game, the demi-servant Mash Kyrielight—aka., Shielder. She wants to ask you some advice but she is interrupted by Leonardo Da Vinci (shop owner and technology creator extraordinaire) who wants you both to try out her new training program.

But before you do, Mashu has to change into her workout clothes (behind a surprisingly see-through divider). Of course, she ends up knocking it over mid-clothes change and she darts behind some shelves before hitting the lights.


When next you can see, you’re in a gym. You get to chose which training type you want Mash to try: buster, arts, or quick. Buster turns the floor into a disco dance stage and she dances eroticly. Arts gives her an exercise ball to try and balance on in a scene that involves a lot of bouncing. Lastly, the quick route has her try to climb and do poses on a spinning jungle gym.

No matter what you choose, Mash ends up tired, questioning if that “work out” really helped anything. You respond by having her go through her fighting katas—only for her to accidentally land on you, knocking you out. When you awaken, she checks if you are okay as Da Vinci calls you both to announce its time to head into real battle.


Regardless of the route—i.e., buster, arts, or quick—the whole experience takes around seven minutes. Mash is cute (as any player of the smartphone game would expect) and there’s a lot of sexual fanservice in what she does in the game. There’s also some fun fanservice of the non-sexual kind—like the cardboard box filled with Saint Quartz (the gatcha currency for the smartphone game) hidden in the closet of your room.

But it’s after you see all three routes with Mash that things get really interesting. The title screen itself changes and you can no longer select Mash’s story. Instead, it is replaced by one for the Fate franchise’s most recognizable heroine Saber.


In this half of the game, you awaken in the room of a chateau only to be joined shortly by Saber. Far from her normal blue ensemble she is instead wearing a simple white summer dress with white ribbon. She’s basically been sent with you on a mission by Da Vinci—though it’s obvious this is supposed to serve as rest and relaxation for the both of you.

After discovering a note with your “mission” on it, you and Saber head outside to a small hedge maze garden. Like before you choose buster, arts, or quick—only this time, each one sends you on a different date with Saber.

Image Source: Fate Stay Night USA‏‏ on Twitter

Buster is a garden tea party. You sit with Saber at a table filled with snacks and sweets. Nonplused as to what to eat, you pick up the plates in front of you and hand them to Saber for her to try. She then reacts to the flavors of each dish.

On the arts route, you end up at a fountain. Near the fountain are a pair of squirt guns. You take one, she the other, and have a squirt gun battle. Of course, as hers is out of water to start, you can make her more than a little soaked before she finally hits you with a super powerful blast of water.

The quick route is simply a tree swing. Saber sits on the swing and you push her. Eventually she jumps off with a flourish.

Regardless of the route, after your date, you return to the start of the maze to choose a different route—only to be interrupted by a dragon. Saber summons her armor and sword to fight it, but once it starts to fly and prepare a fireball attack, she has no choice but to unleash her noble phantasm. To help her do this, you use a command seal and she performs the attack, finishing off the dragon in a single burst of power.  

Image Source: Fate Stay Night USA‏‏ on Twitter

The game ends with you and Saber standing near the ruined garden, looking out over the sea—brought closer together by the experience.

The Saber half of the demo is longer than the Mash part, and clocks in at around 10 minutes. Like the Mash half, there are a ton of fun little easter eggs lying around for fans to find—like the fact you use summer Saber Alter rider’s water gun while Saber uses her own summer Archer class water gun.

Unlike the Mash part, you are also given several dialogue choices. However, like the smartphone game itself, these choices mean little beyond the next sentence and don’t affect how the game plays out at all.


But the biggest difference between the two halfs of demo is the amount of sexual fanservice. For the Mash half, she undresses, wears a skintight exercise outfit with ample cleavage, has a bust that bounces as she moves, and strikes a ton of different erotic poses. The Saber half, on the other hand, is much more like a proper date. You eat, spend time together, and play around. Even the water gun fight does nothing more than change the color of her dress—and it certainly doesn’t become see-through like you might expect.

Upon completing all three routes of the Saber half of the game, the title screen changes once again, allowing you to select either Mash or Saber’s story at will. You unlock the ability to place the camera at several different preset locations in each scene. Moreover, you are also able to move a few feet away from each of these points with the press of a button. While it doesn’t give you full freedom of movement, it does allow you to better explore the environments and adds a bit of replay value to the whole thing.


All in all, Fate/Grand Order VR is an enjoyable, quick VR experience. If you have a PlayStation VR and like Fate, you’ll probably have more than a little fun with this—double so if you can speak Japanese. After all, it’s free to anyone with a Japanese PSN account, so if you’ve got the equipment, there’s nothing holding you back from trying it out yourself.

Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight was released on the Japanese PlayStation Network on December 6, 2017. There is currently no word on a Western release.

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