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One of the best things about each anime season are the myriad of opening and ending theme songs that come along with it. So here are ten of our favorites.

Image Source: TVアニメ『魔法使いの嫁』 on Twitter

Anime: The Ancient Magus’ Bride
Song: “Here”
Artist: JUNNA
Why I Love It: Junna’s incredibly powerful voice amplifies this mystical melody and sets the stage for the magical anime to come.


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Anime: Anime-Gataris
Song: “Aikotoba”
Artist: GARNiDELiA
Why I Love It: This is a poppy song with a fun chorus that just makes you want to get up and dance.


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Image Source: アニメ BORUTO-ボルト-【公式】 on Twitter

Anime: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Song: “OVER”
Artist: Little Glee Monster
Why I Love It: The verses build to a harmony-filled chorus that makes great use of the five member female group.


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Anime: Children of the Whales
Song: “Sono Mirai e”
Artist: RIRIKO
Why I Love It: The acoustic instruments mix with—and add to—the singer’s vocals to create a song that’s simply beautiful.  


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Image Source: Fate/Apocrypha on Twitter

Anime: Fate/Apocrypha
Song: “ASH”
Artist: LiSA
Why I Love It: This, like many of LiSA’s songs, is a rocking tune that gets you pumped for an anime filled with fighting action.


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Image Source: アニメ「いぬやしき」公式@2017年10‏ on Twitter

Anime: Inuyashiki: Last Hero
Song: “My Hero”
Why I Love It: As much as I enjoy the vocals, it’s the strings in the background that really make this rock song seem epic.


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Image Source: テレビアニメ「十二大戦」公式 on Twitter

Anime: Juni Taisen: Zodiac War
Song: “Rapture”
Artist: Panorama Panama Town
Why I Love It: This hard J-rock song uses syncopation to make sure it gets stuck in your head and never leaves.


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Image Source: アニメ「王様ゲーム」公式 on Twitter

Anime: King’s Game
Artist: coldrain
Why I Love It: Death metal is not normally my jam, but the powerful chorus and heavy guitars perfectly set the mood for an anime where horrible, violent deaths comes one after another.


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Image Source: TVアニメ「ネト充のススメ」公式 on Twitter

Anime: Recovery of an MMO Junkie
Song: “Saturday Night Question”
Artist: Megumi Nakajima
Why Sarah Loves It: Like the life of the protagonist Moriko, this song begins in a dark place in terms of mood and lyrics by talking about a strained thread that left a crushing pain in her heart. It becomes whimsical and hopeful—but also a bit lonely in the chorus—making for a very touching and catchy number overall.


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Image Source: TVアニメ「UQ HOLDER! 」 on Twitter

Anime: UQ Holder!
Song: “Happy☆Material”
Artist: Tōta Konoe (Yuka Takakura), Kurōmaru Tokisaka (Yūki Hirose), Kirie Sakurame (Ai Kayano), Karin (Yui Ogura), Shinobu Yuuki (Sayaka Harada), and Mizore Yukihiro (Akari Kitō)
Why I Love It: This theme was a catchy earworm the first time I heard it back in 2005s Negima! Magister Negi Magi. Having the new cast sing it in UQ Holder! makes it feel new but no less iconic.


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