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Amakusa Shirou must be stopped from his plan to do… what exactly?

[Note: This article contains major spoilers up to episode 20 of Fate /Apocrypha.]

The story of Fate/Apocrypha is reaching its climax. The protagonists are working together with the Black Faction remnants and attempting a direct assault on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon where the Greater Grail is currently being held. Meanwhile, the antagonist, Amakusa Shirou has begun the process of carrying out his master plan of “saving humanity.” However, up to this moment in the story, the actual details of that plan have been vague and glossed over.

So it come that we see Shirou enter the Greater Grail and—much like Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero did—converse with the essence of the Greater Grail itself. As the battle between the remaining Servants from each side begins, Shirou sets his plan into motion by making his wish to… materialize the souls of every human on Earth?


Image source: Fate/Apocrypha on Twitter

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering, “how does that ‘save humanity?'” Good question. This ties into the world setting at hand. In the Fate universe, a person’s soul is an abstract, yet definite Thing. The soul is all the data information that makes someone an individual. Souls are bonded with bodies making people who they are. However, a soul cannot exist without a proper vessel, be it the physical body of a human, or the ethereal body of a being like a Servant. There are other exceptions and workarounds that people have used to attempt to allow a soul to survive beyond the natural life expectancy of its vessel—Darnic Yggmillennia’s liberal use of clones to survive for sixty years without aging for example—but most if not all can damage the soul and are far from foolproof.

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So, what Amakusa Shirou is attempted to do with the Greater Grail is use an ancient magic, known as the Third Magic, to allow the human soul to materialize and exist unbonded to anything in the physical world without dying. Souls would not decay or rot and be eternal. Essentially, this process would make all of mankind immortal. However, his plan isn’t exactly an ask-and-ye-shall-receive sort of matter and requires Shirou to access what is basically the source code of the Greater Grail to activate the Third Magic—aka the Heaven’s Feel—which will allow him to do this, which is where the story currently finds itself.

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It is possible that Amakusa Shirou’s experience with the Einzbern Master in the Third Holy Grail War and her death led him to desire the possibility of a world where people do not die. While there’s no telling what a world where people wouldn’t die and physical bodies were no longer necessary would be like, this, in his mind, is what would save all of humanity.

That said, despite Shirou’s almost certainly sincere wishes, he is still breaking the rules of the Holy Grail War. Whatever positive potential the world he intends to make may have, it is not his place to create it.

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