Yusuke Yoshigaki, known for his animation direction on such anime as Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill, has a new exhibit to show off some of his works from Little Witch Academia, as well as his personal sketches he’s drawn in his time off.

The “Yusuke Yoshigaki Key Animation Exhibit ~The Art of Little Witch Academia~” exhibit is currently open to the public with free admission at Nakano’s SF gallery and here’s a sneak peak!


The second area features a variety of original designs for Little Witch Academia

The third corner of the exhibit is a collection of postcards Yoshigaki sent to his grandmother who couldn’t leave the house. Yoshigaki sent the postcards for approximately 15 years, with over 100 postcards sent.

He also sent his grandmother “otoshidama”–New Year’s money normally meant to be given by grandparents to grandchildren–in a little envelope illustrated with an adorable zodiac animal matching the one representing the new year.

The center of the room is decorated by little sketches that Yoshizaki has drawn in his notepad in his free time, whether that be sitting at a desk or on the train.

A number of binders contain the extra sketches from Yoshizaki that couldn’t be displayed in the exhibit due to space limitations. Fans can look freely through the books.

An art book containing a large amount of art—including the postcards Yoshizaki sent to his grandmother—as well as a sketchbook similar to the one he uses are available for sale, amongst other goods.

If you go upstairs into the exhibit hall’s permanent store, you’ll find a separate wall of Little Witch Academia sketches and goods.

This postcard was illustrated by Yoshizaki on November 15, 2017, the day before the exhibit opened.

The exhibit is available at the SF gallery in Tokyo from November 16 to 28. The photos here are only a tiny fraction of what’s there, so go check it out for yourself if you get the chance.

Little Witch Academia is available to watch on Netflix.

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