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Alcohol is usually considered as a leisurely drink that can be dangerous if one goes too far. However, the new anime Love is Like a Cocktail shows that homemade drinks can provide comfort for the heart.

Love is Like a Cocktail (Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara, or lit. “Only Drink Alcohol After You’re Married”) follows the married couple of Chisato Mizusawa and her husband Sora. While Chisato is a professional businesswoman, Sora is a stay-at-home husband. When Chisato gets home from work, she lets down her hair (literally) and drinks one of the cocktails her husband has prepared for her. By drinking one, she is able to let down all her social standards and relax. This is the episode structure for each three-minute installment of the show.

Chisato works at a Japanese company, and of course, that means lots of stress and lots of overtime. At work, she’s forced to keep up a professional face at all times. This can be extremely tiring. Having to match people’s expectations, even if she wants to be more inhibited, leads to Chisato relying on her husband’s homemade cocktails for comfort. By drinking them, she’s able to be her true self and be more outgoing and affectionate.

What makes this so sweet, however, is that Sora customizes the cocktails he makes for his wife every single day. For example, when she’s tired from work and needs a picker-upper, he makes her a “Plum Spread”: a drink made of half plum alcohol (umeshu), half club soda, and a squirt of lemon juice to taste. When she injures her foot and is forced to rest in bed, instead of giving her alcohol, he prepares a “Cinderella,” which is a virgin cocktail made of lemon juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice. And, when she can’t drink alcohol due to having to work even at home because of a close deadline, he prepares her a sweet drink without booze to give her energy.

Alcohol is something that allows a person to put down their social barriers they’ve put up throughout the day. When used in excess, it can be a poison. However, in the case of Chisato, it serves as a way to not only release the pressure built up over the day, but also accept the love of her husband in liquid form.

Because Love is Like a Cocktail is a short anime series, we don’t have much time at all to see the couple interact outside of their drinking escapades. But everything about their relationship is conveyed to the viewer just through their adventures in drinking. In fact, Sora doesn’t even drink. Being sober, he’s able to deal with and keep Chisato out of trouble when she’s uninhibited due to the booze. However, no matter out of control she might get, Sora always accepts his wife for who she is, no matter if her true personality is more silly than her perfect workplace one.

Through the couple’s interactions, we can see that Sora knows just how to make Chisato happy, and knows what she needs to unwind. While he might not be as bold as Chisato can be sometimes, we can tell how much he cares about her through the drinks he makes for her. Not only is love like a cocktail, in this couple’s case, love is in the cocktail.

Love is Like a Cocktail is streaming on Crunchyroll now for free with subtitles.

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  1. Love this show. Happy adult couple, drink recipes… what more can one ask for?

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