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The Ancient Magus’ Bride throws not-so-normal girl Chise headlong into a world of magic and mystical creatures with little in the way of explanation—and you right along with her. So let’s take a closer look at the magic in the anime by breaking down the various types of magic users.

[Note: Some of this information comes from the manga though it looks to be true in the anime as well.]

Image Source: TVアニメ『魔法使いの嫁』 on Twitter


True mages like Elias are born with magic naturally being created within their own bodies—i.e., their bodies convert a portion of the calories they intake into a magical energy. With training and practice, they can learn to craft this power to their will and create minor miracles that go against the natural order of the physical world.

More common in the modern era are those mages like Angelica. Instead of using the magic within their own bodies, they instead form a partnership with a faerie. Through this bond, they are able to borrow the needed magic from their companion—shaping the power with the use of spells as a device to help focus the mind. Overall, this is a much safer option than using their own inborn magic.  

Image Source: TVアニメ『魔法使いの嫁』 on Twitter

Slay Vega

While mages like Elias replenish their magic power naturally through the food they eat, a Slay Vega like Chise unconsciously draws in magic from her surroundings (and bleeds some of it off automatically as well). This process begins at birth and because of this, they have a tremendous amount of raw magic power to use. However, they are no more resistant to the forces of magic than any other mage and containing such vast amounts of power comes at a price—a short lifespan.

Image Source: TVアニメ『魔法使いの嫁』 on Twitter

The Fae

Faeries are beings of magic. Thus magic is a part of them and they are able to summon magical power or give it to someone else naturally with nothing in the way of the potential negative side effects that mages—and Slay Vegas—face. Some faeries are associated with different types of raw elemental magic—be that air, fire, water, etc.—and thus favor that element when bequeathing magic to another.

Image Source: TVアニメ『魔法使いの嫁』 on Twitter


While mages use magic power already present in the natural world—be that from their own bodies or by using a familiar—Sorcerers use their own physical power and turn it into magic power. Moreover, instead of using magic to break the laws of the natural world, they instead use the magic power they have created to twist and bend those rules to get their desired results. Thus they spend much of their time studying the laws of the natural world to find the loopholes that make alchemy possible.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride can be seen with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and dubbed on FUNimation.

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  1. While it was a good article, isn’t Slay Vega is incorrect? The term “Slay Vega” is only ever used in the Online Translations of the Manga, while “Sleigh Beggy” is used by both the Anime and Official English translations made by Seven Seas Entertainment for the Physical Manga.

    • This is always a fun one to answer. Basically, I had conflicting sources to deal with on this one. On one hand were the subs. On the other hand, each season, we write “basics” articles. These are translations of the official information of a series checked by the Japanese production groups themselves. They are very strict about getting everything just right (as they should be). They checked off on the spelling of “Slay Vega” so that is what I went with for this article (

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