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To Love-Ru took the accidental pervert trope and jacked it up to 10. The latest To Love-Ru OVA takes the trope well past 11.

It’s always fun watching Rito from To Love-Ru fall on top of the girls of the series. It’s always lewd and he never means for it to happen. In fact, we constantly see him apologize profusely after one of his gaffes. But, there’s a certain art to making each situation refreshing and entertaining; it’s not good enough for Rito to fall on the girls any more. Something more than just tripping needs to happen to initiate the fall and the placement of his hands and face need to be different each time. And the new OVA “Multiplication ~Mae Kara Ushiro Kara~” gives our ill-fated hero the full gamut of new and interesting “accidents.”

In new To Love-Ru OVA (original video anime) episode our heroine Lala Satalin Deviluke makes a new cat robot invention that’s supposed to duplicate medical herbs. But, in a freak accident, the robot is used on our hero Rito Yuki. Now every time he sneezes he makes another copy of himself. And with his pension of accidental perversion, all the girls in the series get a little taste of his slipups—and a lot more.

The setup for Rito’s fall stems from one factor, he unwittingly keeps making copies of himself due to the main heroine’s new invention going haywire. While it may not seem all that inspired at first, it’s actually a great way to give the audience multiple falls in one scene. It’s what we want out of Rito and the OVA doesn’t disappoint in this regard. But, you might think this creates a one-note story. This actually isn’t the case.

Yes, the OVA’s story is predicated on a sight gag, but there’re some good variations to Rito’s falls. And they range from the mundane to patently absurd. In fact one of the first falls Rito has in the OVA is one Rito stumbling over the legs of another Rito. It’s simplistic and does what it needs to do effectively, get Rito on top of one of the girls.

Image source: ToLOVEる-とらぶる-ダークネス公式 on Twitter

However, as the OVA progresses Rito’s slipups become far more ridiculous. It’s accentuated by one particular scene in the middle of the story. Granted, we expect the outcome, but it’s the process by which we get to that outcome and the fallout that’s important. Here we see two of the female characters, Golden Darkness and Mea Kurosaki, decide the best way to stop Rito from duplicating himself is to knock him (and all him clones) out. A clever idea to say the least and something you’d expect from the characters because of their slightly combative nature. Thus, they charge into the fray of Rito’s. Although they’re able to incapacitate a few of the Rito’s, ultimately they’re swamped by accidental lewd falls. It’s a fantastic scene for it’s outlandishness and because it’s not necessarily Rito falling on the girls. But, rather it’s the girls inviting the accident upon themselves. After all, if it’s always Rito’s fault, the joke becomes a bit stale.

While the fall themselves are good “clean” entertainment, it’s really is the lewd placement of Rito’s face and hands we really want to see. Early in the series it’s tame, with his hands more or less cupping the breasts of the female characters with a little distance between his face and legs or breasts. But, now Rito’s face is often buried between the legs or breasts of the girls and his hands are placed on extremely sensitive body parts. But, that’s with one Rito. Now imagine the above, but ten-fold with the OVA. Where one Rito might cup a girl’s breasts, another Rito might fall in between the same girls legs or in an even worse position. It’s absurd how that can even happen, but it works and gives us more than what we want out of Rito’s accidents. Add on top of this the good mix-up his body placement too. This makes it so we rarely see the same fall and landing twice. It’s a real testament to the creative teams imagination.

Where one Rito falling in To Love-Ru is in and of itself enough, the sight of multiple Rito’s all tripping up is a wondrous site to behold. It takes something that’s normally just lewd and makes it erotic. But, that’s what To Love-Ru does, it pushes the boundaries of lewd even further to create “wholesome” entertainment.

To Love-Ru “Multiplication ~Mae Kara Ushiro Kara~” was released with the To Love-Ru 10th anniversary book in Japan on November 2, 2017. There is no news of a world-wide release.

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