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Blood Blockade Battlefront has entered its second season and right from the start is going for the gusto. For those out there who haven’t seen the first season or have but need a little jogging of their memory, here’s a some info to get you up to speed.

[Note: This article contains spoilers for the general plot of the first season of Blood Blockade Battlefront.]

Blood Blockade Battlefront is based on the manga of the same name by Yasuhiro Nightow, the creator of Trigun. The first 12 episode season aired in 2015—though, due to production complications, the 12th episode was delayed for four months. The series takes place in an alternate universe where an otherworld gate has opened in New York City, creating a hybrid city overnight of humans and paranormal eldritch horror-like creatures.

Six months after the portal has opened and this section of New York, named Hellsalem’s Lot, has essentially become its own supernatural society with casual interaction between humans and creatures from the Beyond. However, underneath the surface, everything hangs in a delicate balance of this world and the Beyond.

The story of Blood Blockade Battlefront centers around a secret intelligence society called Libra. Libra employs various superpowered individuals who work to solve supernatural crimes and maintain the balance between humanity and the other side. Libra’s primary foe in Hellsalem’s Lot are the Blood Breed—immortal vampires.

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The primary protagonist of the series is a young man named Leonardo Watch, a former photographer who was given an ability called the “All Seeing Eyes of the Gods” at the cost of his sister’s sight. The first season started with Leonardo being accidentally recruited by Libra through a case of mistaken identity. However, Leonardo’s ability to see anything and control other people’s eyesight prove him to be a valuable asset and he is officially recruited. It is discovered throughout the course of the first season that Leonardo has the ability to see the true name of a Blood Breed. By using this information Libra is able to seal Blood Breed away. Leonardo also has a white Sonic Monkey for a pet. The first season focused on Leonardo’s induction in to Libra and his gradual growth into a full-fledged agent. 

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Aside from Leonardo, there are various agents of Libra, each with special abilities that they use to either investigate or stop criminal activity in Helsalem’s Lot. Chief among them is the leader of Libra, Klaus Von Reinherz, a large gentleman with reddish-brown hair, glasses, and well-pronounced lower fangs. Klaus excels at physical combat and uses a form of fighting called the Brain Grid Blood Battle Technique. Klaus is also the only member of Libra who can seal a Blood Breed away—if he knows the Blood Breed’s true name.

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Another primary character is the white-haired Libra Agent, Zapp Renfro. Zapp is loud and hostile and usually ends up dragging Leonardo into his various predicaments. Despite his problematic personality, Zapp is a capable fighter, able to use the Big Dipper fighting style which allow him to utilize his own blood as a weapon—and is sometimes known to show actual compassion for his colleagues. Zapp has a fellow student of the Big Dipper fighting style, Zed O’Brien, a merman.

Another couple of members of Libra the first season focused on were Deldro Brody and Dog Hummer, two individuals who share a literal symbiotic relationship. Deldro inhabits Dog’s body in place of his blood. By working together, Deldro can manifest as a biological exoskeleton capable of great feats of strength. The pair are kept in a prison due to Deldro’s criminal record and for various safety reasons, but are brought out when Libra needs the big guns.

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There are several other agents of Libra who have appeared in the first season, like the sniper K. K., the teleporting Chain Sumeragi, or the ice-wielding Steven A. Starphase. However, due to the overarching story of the series, as of the start of the second series we have yet to see in-depth stories into these other characters and their daily lives.

In the first season, among the individual character episodes, the overarching story involved the existence of an organization dedicated to maintain a mystic barrier that keeps the really nasty stuff from the Beyond from spilling over into this world. Two twins, White and Black, were embroiled in a plot to destroy the barrier that keeps the two words separate. Through the efforts of Libra, and at the cost of White’s life, the barrier was protected and (relative) peace was restored to Hellsalem’s Lot.

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While the immediate threat of the apocalypse was averted, crime by various entities still exists and Leonardo returned to his new life as a member of Libra. The second season, Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond, looks to offer all new stories into the insanity of the day to day life in Hellsalem’s Lot.

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll and English dialogue on FUNimation.

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