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Our hero in Black Clover has aspirations of becoming the most powerful wizard in the world. The first step on his journey is becoming a prestigious Magic Knight. But, what are the Magic Knights?

Our hero Asta and his rival Yuno are participating in the entrance exams to become Magic Knights. In order to pass the exam, though, they have to go through multiple tests. And if they’re able to complete the exam with high marks, Asta and Yuno can become a member of one of the nine squads of the Magic Knights.

We were just introduced to the nine squads of the Magic Knights. While you may think it’s easy to keep track of them, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Here’s your easy reference to the Magic Knights and its different squads.

Magic Knights

Wizard King: Julius Nova Chrono

In Black Clover, the Magic Knights server as protectors of the Clover Kingdom by preventing external and internal threats. As a prestigious organization, many aspiring mages apply to enter its ranks. Since the duties of the Magic Knight often focus on combat, enlistees must possess incredible magical and martial talent. This makes the entrance exam difficult, dashing the dreams of many starry-eyed youth. Those lucky enough to pass the exams are then allowed to enter one of the nine Magic Knight Squads.

While each squad enacts their duties to their fullest, a merit system is used to rank the Squads. When a Squad does exceptionally well it earns a star. However, if a Squad performs poorly, its stars are taken away. During an end of the year festival the Squad with the most stars is crowned Squad of the Year.

Image source: テレビアニメ「ブラッククローバー」公式 on Twitter

Julius Nova Chrono is the current Wizard King and leader of the Magic Knights. While he’s a middle-aged man, he has child-like fascination with magic, particularly rare and undiscovered magic. His obsession often keeps him from his duties. But, when he’s truly needed, he will come though, as the Wizard King Julius is a very powerful mage. He uses Time Magic that allows him to manipulate time, even putting people in time loops.

Aqua Deer

Symbol: Stag Head
Symbol Color: Aqua (greenish-blue)
Captain: Rill Boismortier

The Aqua Deer are one of the lowest-ranked Squads of the Magic Knights. However, the current Wizard King was once a member and captain of the squad.

The 19 year-old Rill Boismortier is the youngest Captain of the Magic Knights. Despite his young age, he’s adept at Painting Magic. This form of magic allows him to mimic other forms of elemental magic as well as bring his paintings to life or trap people in his art.

Black Bull

Symbol: Bull Skull
Symbol Color: Black
Captain: Yami Sukehiro

The Black Bulls are considered the worst and most destructive squad of the Magic Knights. This has led the Black Bulls to be the Worst Squad of the Year consistently. Because of this, many oddball Knights wind up within its ranks.

Image source: テレビアニメ「ブラッククローバー」公式 on Twitter

The ill-tempered Yami Sukehiro is the captain of the Black Bulls. He takes an immensely tough position with his subordinates, often giving them dangerous missions so they learn to overcome their weaknesses. He uses his Dark Magic to bolster the strength of his weapons and his physical traits. Since his magic is based on darkness, he is able to absorb other forms of magic as well.

Blue Rose

Symbol: Rose
Symbol Color: Blue
Captain: Charlotte Roselei

A mid-ranked Squad, the Blue Rose Squad is mainly comprised of women. While there are some men in the Squad, they’re treated more as errand boys.

A member of the Clover Kingdom aristocracy, Charlotte Roselei is the cool and beautiful Captain of the Blue Roses. She employs Plant-based magic, often summoning weapons with thorns from her grimoire.

Crimson Lion King

Symbol: Lion
Symbol Color: Crimson
Captain: Fuegoleon Vermillion

One of the prominent Magic Knight Squads, the Crimson Lion Kings often take the number one or two rank among the Magic Knights during the end of year festivities.

The current Captain of the Crimson Lion Kings, Fuegoleon Vermillion, commands a powerful Fire Magic making him a dangerous foe. He has aspirations of becoming the Wizard King, but as an aristocrat, he also has his eyes set on the Clover Kingdom throne.

Coral Peacock

Symbol: Coral Pink
Symbol Color: Peacock
Captain: Dorothy Unsworth

Much like the Aqua Deer Squad, the Coral Peacocks are one of the lowest ranked squads of the Magic Knights. Other than this, little has been revealed about the squad.

The Squad Captain, Dorothy Unsworth, is also shrouded in mystery. She appears in a long robe and witch’s hat and is always sleeping. Despite always being asleep, she is able to grasp the goings on around her. The magic she wields is also undisclosed at the moment.

Golden Dawn

Symbol: Sun (Rising over a castle)
Symbol Color: Gold
Captain: William Vangeance

The preeminent Magic Knight Squad, the Golden Dawns are comprised powerful mages, many of who are elite aristocrats. However, if a commoner shows extreme magical talent they may be offered a position among the Squad’s ranks.

Touted as the person next in line to become the Wizard King, William Vangeance leads the Golden Dawn Squad. While the colorful helmet he wears makes him appear mysterious, he maintains a friendly demeanor with everybody he speaks with. Little is known about his World Tree magic. But, he can summon a large tree that can create various objects. The tree can also feed on other people’s magic to grow.

Green Praying Mantis

Symbol: Praying Mantis
Symbol Color: Green
Captain: Jack the Ripper

A middle ranked Squad of the Magic Knights, the Green Praying Mantises are often made fun of as just being insects. However, when the Captain hears this he retorts by saying, “Don’t overlook us because we’re insects.”

Sharing a name with the 1888 London serial killer, Jack the Ripper is the Captain of the Green Praying Mantis. His Slash Magic can cut through almost anything. It’s said he even split a mountain in two during combat with his magic.

Purple Orca

Symbol: Orca (Killer Whale)
Symbol Color: Purple
Captain: Gueldre Poizot

The Purple Orcas are touted as one of the least moral squads of the Magic Knights. Because of this, there have been instances where Knights have been expelled or left the ranks of the Purple Orcas. One such Knight appeared in the first episode of the series.

The Purple Orcas are lead by the portly and wealthy man named Gueldre Poizo. While he’s wealthy, he’s not an aristocrat of the Clover Kingdom. Instead he obtained his wealth through mercantilism. His Permeation Magic allows him to make himself undetectable by conventional and magical means and negates magical effects cast on him, making him nearly invulnerable and invincible when he’s using his magic.

Silver Eagle

Symbol: Eagle (With Wings Fully Spread)
Symbol Color: Silver
Captain: Nozel Silva

A top-ranked squad of the Magic Knights, the Silver Eagle squad is largely comprised of members of the aristocratic Sliva family.

The eldest son of the Silva family, Nozel, is the Captain of the Silver Eagles. He’s an arrogant man, but cares for those close to him—except for his younger sister. His Mercury Magic allows him to create and control mercury.

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