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Sidecar racing is a sport where the driver and passenger must be in a certain amount of sync in order to win. The passenger is especially important to the physics of driving because she (in this case) uses her own weight to change the center of gravity of the sidecar. However, just as Two Car: Sidecar Racing demonstrates the necessity of being similar, it also shows that the driver and passenger have different roles; too much similarity is also a problem.

The First Episode of Two Car: Sidecar Racing Excites the Motorsports Lover Inside of Me

Two Car: Sidecar Racing is a motorsports anime about specially designed sidecar motorcycles. Specifically, it follows a two-girl high school team on an island well known for this particular sport. Yuri and Megumi are best friends, more alike than they are different, who grew up together enthralled with their local sport. Although very similar in many ways, they are also different enough that the pair find they are a natural fit to represent their school and their community. 

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

Yuri and Megumi take on other pairs from various girls’ high schools. There’s actually a wide range of different pairings from the other schools. Some pairings seem like natural complements, like our own heroine pair. However, there are also pairs that don’t get a long very well at all. Given that we previously learned of the significant role that similarity plays in maintaining Yuri and Megumi’s ability to excel, this doesn’t bode well for many of their competitors—notably, Misaki and Chiyuki.

Chiyuki and Misaki are definitely not friends. Indeed, Misaki is not even truly participating by choice. While they both attend a very prestigious and elite high school, there is a significant difference in their class and station. Chiyuki is from a wealthy family, has both authority and social status in the school—and she is the driver for the school’s sidecar racing team. She’s very clearly pretty, fashionable, social, and popular.

Misaki is none of these; she is, instead, a loner, moody, and has to work a part time job. She only agrees to become Chiyuki’s passenger when threatened with her job being exposed to the school administration—and when Chiyuki offers to pay her for her practice and competition time. This is not a solid grounding for a team. There is a significant lack of trust.

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

Yet our heroines are not a perfect match either. While they certainly are friends and very close ones (even if they deny it at times because they both have the same love interest), they do have individual quirks. These individual quirks allow them to have honest disagreements which identify problems that they may be having. Their differences allow them to avoid getting into groupthink. While trust and rhythm are important, so too is the ability to recognize a problem with a partner and to address it openly and directly. This is only possible if views are just far enough apart that partners are able to do so. 

This is why we are also presented with pairs that work perhaps too well together. Just as Chiyuki and Misaki are one extreme, Maria and Yuria are the opposite extreme. Literal twins, there’s absolutely no way yet to tell them apart. They look identical (not even mirror images or having some unique accessories to each), they have the same voice actress, and they are impossible to tell apart except when they are separated (as when they break apart to join the passenger group and the driving group) or when they directly address each other.

A team made up of two people so much alike they are genetically identical, Yuria and Maria are only still only in an advantageous position in comparison to teams like Misaki and Chiyuki who can’t seem to get their partnership to work at all. Against a team like Yuri and Megumi, they have a distinct disadvantage because of the tendency to think too much alike and not see potential problems with one another’s behavior.

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

Of course we would expect that our heroines, being the heroines, will come out on top in the high school competition. Yuri and Megumi have all the background it takes to making a winning team. They are deeply passionate about the sport, they grew up on an island famous for that sport and thus had access to children’s versions of the sidecar motorcycles, they share a talented coach, and they’re best friends who while more alike than they are different, are still different enough to notice where their partner may need to make a correction. This is not to say that we won’t see them have struggles as the series progresses, but I suspect they will be put in a position to learn and relearn the strengths they already possess as they slowly but surely eliminate all of the other teams—either because they are too different or because they’re too much the same.

Two Car: Side Car racing can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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