The new film Heaven’s Feel focusing on Sakura is very, very depressing. Let’s lighten up things with some cafe waitress uniforms!

In celebration of the premiere of the long-awaited first Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel film, a Japanese-themed cafe called the “Sakura Cafe” will be opened for a limited time in Tokyo and Osaka. Both cafes will be available to visit from November 10 to December 10.

Those who reserve a seat for the cafe will receive one of four plastic folders at random featuring Rin, Sakura, or Saber in Japanese cafe waitress outfits. It will cost 650 yen (about USD $6) per person to reserve a seat.

Limited-edition goods at the cafe available for purchase include:

  • Metal badges, one of seven at random – 500 yen (about USD $4)
  • Plastic mini standee, one of three at random – 1,200 yen (about USD $11)
  • Plastic mini standees, set of three – 3,600 yen (about USD $32)
  • Photo postcards, set of four – 500 yen (about USD $4)
  • Plastic folders, set of four – 1,200 yen (about USD $11)
  • Coaster holder with one limited-edition design coaster – 2,000 yen (about USD $18)
  • Canvas art posters, set of three – 3,500 yen (about USD $31)

If you have a handle on Japanese, you can reserve your seat now. There will also be special food and drink served at the cafe, but that will be unveiled at a later date. The cafe will be housed on the basement floor of the Fujiwara building in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, as well as the Esaka branch of the Vin de Kitchen in Osaka.

The first Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel film will premiere in select theaters in the United States on November 3.

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