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During Naruto’s era, prejudice was nothing rare. After all, it was a tense time filled with betrayal, bloodshed, and little to no travel for its non-ninja citizens. In Boruto’s era, things are peaceful, and the entire world has experienced an industrial revolution. Even the once-blood-covered nation of the Land of Water has become a paradise for tourism. However, some things never change.

[This article contains spoilers for BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS up to episode 27.]

In the newest arc of BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and the rest of their ninja school class go on a field trip to the Land of Water—formerly known as the Land of Mist. They’ve heard the bad rumors about the area from Naruto’s time, but are still excited to go. The Land of Water used to be one ruled by a cruel tyrant Mizukage (ruler of the Land of Water) named Yagura who was in fact manipulated by Madara, one of the main villains of Naruto. As a pawn, he was extremely cruel, killing those who went against him and forcing the students of the Land of Water’s ninja schools to massacre each other. Despite being used by someone more evil, he’s still not well-thought of still within the nation.

Image Source: アニメ BORUTO-ボルト-【公式】 on Twitter

Now the Land of Water is one filled with beautiful buildings, fountains, and food stands. The location has become a tourist attraction, with hospitality to outsiders from the town being apparent. However, walk a little bit off the main street, and you’ll find that there are some who are still stuck in the past. Thugs lurk in the backstreets, unsatisfied with having ninjas from other countries like Konoha use their country as a playground.

The ninja world featured in Naruto was once split up, with not many residents of nations crossing over to other ones. It’s understandable that there would be some that don’t like the idea of a former enemy using their homeland as a place to goof around.

However, there is even discrimination within the Land of Water itself. While those who have problems with outsiders specifically say they have problems with people who aren’t from their home, it’s obvious that the people of the Land of Water keep their distance from descendants of the old Mizukage, Yagura. Despite only having blood relation, these descendants are hated by everyone, including one of the villains of this arc who was once a classmate of one.

Image Source: アニメ BORUTO-ボルト-【公式】 on Twitter

This only brings back memories of one of Naruto’s first enemies so many years ago: Haku. Haku was the servant of the final person who had to go through Yagura’s ninja school massacre tests. He was discriminated against from childhood due to his Kekkei Genkai—a genetic ability only passed down by some clans. Even in the age of peace, however, children are still ostracized based on their lineage.

Boruto Is Basically What Naruto Would’ve Looked Like if the World Had Been at Peace

Despite becoming a world with no conflict on the outside, it turns out that Boruto’s world has something very dark looming under the shiny surface. Just like tourism paradises in the real world, though a town may look like a utopia at first glance, it is in fact riddled with social problems that won’t be going away anytime soon. It might be the intervention of an outsider like Boruto that is most needed to change anything at all.

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