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There’s also that loophole discovered in the rules.

This past week in Dragon Ball Super, Goku finally faced off against Jiren—an alien from another universe supposedly more powerful than even a God of Destruction. Despite giving his all, Goku was overpowered. Even the spirit bomb, the ultimate attack in Dragon Ball, proved useless with Jiren pushing it back at Goku and leaving the Saiyan to take the full brunt of the damage.

Image Source: 「ドラゴンボール超」公式‏ on Twitter

Of course, after this, Goku awakens into his newest form, “Ultra Instinct.” Powered by the remnant energy of the spirit bomb, he is able to battle Jiren to a draw. It showcases a new way of fighting for Goku—one of calm, precise movements mixed with sudden bursts of speed—and the glowing blue aura with upwardly drifting particles is visually captivating.

Indeed, it completely overshadows everything else in the episode—which is kind of the point.

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The Tournament of Power is 8 team, 80 person battle royal. When the 48 minute time limit expires, the team with the most members remaining wins. The winning universe survives (and gets a wish from the Super Dragon Balls). The other seven universes are simply erased from existence.

There are various rules to follow: To eliminate an opponent, you must knock them out of the ring; flight skills don’t work; no additional items or equipment may be brought into the battle; etc.

Image Source: 「ドラゴンボール超」公式‏ on Twitter

We’ve seen these rules stretched more than once in the tournament so far–e.g., even without flight skills, those with wings can fly. More egregiously, Master Roshi is able to use a pot he snuck in to perform the Evil Containment Wave. This is allowed for know other reason than “it’s cool.”

This latest episode, however, reveals a new interesting loophole–and it is one that could potentially be used to drastically alter not only the ongoing battle but the balance of power between the various universes.

When Goku is thought dead after being hit by his own spirit bomb, it is ruled that if your opponent kills you using your own attack, they haven’t broken the no-killing rule.

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This is a true game changer. While someone like Goku may not exploit this loophole, those from the “Deception Universe,” Universe 4, or dirty fighters like Frieza would likely have no issues in doing so. Heck, there’s no reason to believe that Frieza wouldn’t use this as a way to kill off his own team members. And given all the times over the course of the franchise we’ve seen attacks reflected or deflected, it doesn’t seem to be something all that hard to do.

This also sets up a potential way to topple Jiren. While the attacks of our heroes and the others in the tournament may do little to him, it’s likely that his own attacks would hurt him just as much as anyone else—and if he’s not expecting it, could even prove fatal.

Image Source: 「ドラゴンボール超」公式‏ on Twitter

This ruling also begs an additional question: If you reflect one person’s attack into another and kill them, are you still in the clear? And does that mean the person who fired the reflected attack is then responsible? If this is likewise kosher, it’s a worrying thought for our heroes and a potential boon for the more villainous of the remaining fighters.

So as things go forward and other characters take their own shots at Jiren, keep in mind the new precedent that that’s been set—along with characters who might at any time exploit this loophole to kill.

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