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In Gintama, two members of the odd jobs Yorozuya office live together: a washed-up samurai and a girl in a Chinese dress from another planet. Their relationship is anything but simple.

Gintoki originally fought in the war against the Amanto, aliens that sought to invade and conquer the nation of Edo. This is an allusion to American Commodore Matthew C. Perry, who forced open the gates of an isolated Japan in 1853. The samurai lost, leading to the Amanto coexisting with the humans on Earth. Gintoki lost his metal sword due to the new ban on blades, being forced to take up a wooden one he bought on a field trip to Lake Toya instead.

On the other hand, Kagura is one of those Amanto that decided to come to Earth, finding the planet more prosperous than her own planet. A girl of super strength and great confidence in her beauty and power despite her fairly young age (it’s hinted that she’s in her early teens, possibly 13 or 14), she one-sidedly demands that Gintoki give her a job so she can save money to return to her home planet after finding out that the place isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

At first, their relationship is nothing special. Kagura, who has no home, lives at the office with Gintoki (though her bed is in the closet). They do jobs together, and while there isn’t much money to be made, Kagura lives a decent life with her boss. Everything is fairly normal.

The first moment that changed Gintoki and Kagura’s relationship in a big way was when Kagura decided she wanted to take in Sadaharu, a stray giant alien dog who is violent toward anyone but Kagura. That means Gintoki’s head is prime real estate for Sadaharu and his sharp fangs, leading to the silver-haired samurai often having blood streaming out of his forehead. Like any normal person, Gintoki wanted this monstrosity of nature out of his house, much to the despair of his roommate. It seemed like the perfect chance to get rid of the dog when the animal-loving alien Prince Hata tried to kidnap him to put him in his menagerie.

Let me just say this first: In daily life, Gintoki is a pretty self-centered person at first glance. He will beat the crap out of you if you take away his dessert, will always make cheeky quips, and will do anything for money.

However, he cares about his comrades. In this instance, Gintoki sacrifices his comfort in his own home to get back Sadaharu from the prince and allow Kagura to keep him in their abode.

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Sadaharu serves as a family member to her, but Kagura does have living family. When her father who is almost never around comes to pick her up, Gintoki doesn’t stop her, thinking this is the best for her. After all, Kagura only began working at Yorozuya in order to get enough money to get a ticket home. Her goal is right in front of her. However, Kagura finds that after spending so much time with Gintoki and their other teammate Shinpachi, she has in fact made a new family that is always there for her. Therefore, she doesn’t want to go back to her home on her own planet where she is always alone since her father the space hunter is always traveling somewhere in the universe.

Image Source: アニメ銀魂 on Twitter

And, in the latest episode of Gintama, Kagura supposedly finds a boyfriend. Said boyfriend is a hideous Amanto prince. Gintoki isn’t sure how to react—nor does Kagura’s father. Just like her father, he is obviously not happy about her getting a boyfriend, and does not want to let her go. He reluctantly allows her to go on a date, tears of blood falling down his face trying to force a smile.

It can be said that Gintoki is like a father figure to Kagura, since her own father is never around. However, because they are closer in age, Kagura is able to relate to him on a closer level, leading some to compare the two to a brother and sister. However, they aren’t father and daughter, they aren’t brother and sister, and they aren’t lovers. Gintoki knows more about Kagura than anyone, even her own father. The two have a level of understanding that crosses family. They have put their lives on the line for each other countless times. They cry together, laugh together, eat together, and sleep together in the same room. It’s no wonder that Kagura’s personality and mannerisms have begun to reflect Gintoki’s as the series continues. This is despite the fact that she is one of the aliens that took his homeland from him in the first place.

Image Source: アニメ銀魂 on Twitter

Gintoki may seem uncaring when it comes to Kagura’s issues most of the time, but even if she doesn’t know it, he almost always can be found trying to make her happy and solve her problems. And, in return, Kagura will do most anything for Gintoki, showing undying and unwavering loyalty. There is no label to describe Gintoki and Kagura’s relationship. Their relationship is in an entire galaxy of its own.

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