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The new anime series Infini-T Force brings a new look to four classic heroes. But, who exactly are these heroes and what are their powers?

In the early 1970s the animation studio Tatsunoko Production Company produced a slew of anime series based on original heroes. These heroes are: Gatchaman from Space Ninja Team Gatchaman, Casshern from Neo-Human Casshern, Polymar from Hurricane Polymar, and Tekkaman from Tekkaman: The Space Knight. Each series has been remade or readapted over the years, a testament to its impact on Japanese culture. Now with Infini-T Force being aired, a new generation of anime fans is being introduced to Gatchaman, Casshern, Polymar, and Tekkaman. But, some of us aren’t all that familiar with the characters. No worries, though, because we’re here to help introduce you.

Space Ninja Team Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets)

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Alias: Ken Washio

In Space Ninja Team Gatchaman a terrorist organization called Galactor is trying to control Earth’s natural resources like water, oil, sugar, and uranium. In order to combat them, the Space Ninja Team was formed under the leadership of Ken. Dubbed “Gatchaman,” Ken and his team works tirelessly to save the world.

Visually, what distinguished Gatchaman from the rest of his team is his special white with red and blue highlight uniform. This suit makes Gatchaman nearly invulnerable against bullets as well as gives him the ability to glide and the ability use a special technique with his teammates. When two or more team members use the technique, they create a tornado with wind speeds up to Mach 5. Gatchaman also employs a specialized combat style. This technique uses high-speed running and flight, high jumps, and silent attacks. Completing his arsenal are special boomerangs. In the first episode of Infini-T Force, we see the boomerangs are also equipped with explosives.

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The the Space Ninja Team has many of the same abilities but have different weapons in their arsenal. These include yo-yos, throwing stars, bolas, and a harpoon gun. No hero team would be complete without a personalized vehicle. These vehicles vary from Gatchaman’s jet fighter, a race car, a motorcycle, a helicopter/buggy, and a tank. When combined, these vehicles form the team’s base of operations.

Neo-Human Casshern

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Alias: Tetsuya Azuma

Tetsuya’s father was a world-renowned roboticist and creator of androids. But, after his creation BK-1 was struck by lighting, it went crazy and began attacking humanity. In order to stop BK-1, Tetsuya willingly transplanted his consciousness into an android body. From that, day Tetsuya became known as Casshern.

As an android, Casshern posses abilities such as near invulnerability, superhuman agility, speed, and strength. He also has two pulsar propellers that double as pistols, but he often uses them to launch himself into the air. His specially designed suit is equipped with a crescent-shaped solar panel to power himself. While he has limited weaponry, Casshern is able to defeat BK-1’s forces with his bare hands. Casshern isn’t without his weaknesses, though—namely, he must consistently recharge his solar-powered batteries.

Casshern’s trusty robotic dog, named Friender, also helps him in battle. Friender can transform into a jet, motorcycle, submarine, or tank, and can even breathe fire.

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In the first episode of Infini-T Force, we see Casshern use his pulsar propellers to launch himself in to the air and command Friender to retrieve an exceptionally large pencil from the series heroine, Emi Kaido.

Hurricane Polymar

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Alias: Takeshi Yoroi

Takeshi is the son of the director of the International Secret Police Agency. Rather than becoming an agent, Takeshi went on to work as a private investigator. While on a case, he learned of the evil origination Oni Tokage Dan and their plans to use a new artificial polymer for their nefarious plans. Now, with the power of a helmet and suit made from the polymer, Takeshi fights the Dan as Polymar.

As Polymar, Takeshi has obtained numerous powers. Since the polymer is harder than steel, his suit is nearly invulnerable. He also gains superhuman strength and “high-speed rotation.” The new polymer also has the ability to take on any shape. While it’s technically possible for Polymar to do this as well, his suit does change into five vehicles. They are: a jet, submarine, tank with twin drills, F-1 racecar, and a steamroller. Polymar can stay transformed for up to 46 minutes, but any longer can result in his death.

While the suit is powerful, because it’s powered by magnetism, it’s vulnerable to high-voltage. Temperatures lower than -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit) will also power down the suit.

Polymar is also a very skilled martial artist, having achieved a third dan in judo and karate. This makes him an exceptionally dangerous fighter.

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In the first episode of Infini-T Force, Polymar transforms into the jet and tank as well as demonstrates his martial prowess.

Tekkaman: The Space Knight

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Alias: George Minami

As the humanity enters the 21st century, it’s learned that Earth is slowly dying. In order save humanity, a plan is hatched to find a second Earth. But, an alien race called Waldaster attacked the humans. In order to combat them, George dons a high-tech suit of armor. Now as Tekkaman, he fights with his trusty robot to save humanity.

When George becomes Tekkaman, he is able to tap into multiple abilities. His armor is impenetrable by conventional weapons and gives him superhuman strength. The armor is also able to withstand temperatures of up to 6000 degrees Celsius (10832 degrees Fahrenheit). Tekkaman is also equipped with a lance and lariat that he uses to attack his enemies. He often goes in to battle with his trusty robot, which acts as his vehicle and provides artillery fire. Tekkaman’s ultimate attack is a beam of energy. However, using it leaves him vulnerable for a short period of time.

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We’ve yet to see Tekkaman use his ultimate attack in Infini-T Force, but he uses his lance and lariat in the first episode. His robot also makes an appearance during the first major action scene providing cover fire for Tekkaman, Gatchaman, and Polymar.

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