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I’ve played the PSP Dissidia Final Fantasy games for years, so I thought I would have a solid grasp on the PlayStation 4 port of the recent arcade game that was available to play at Tokyo Game Show 2017. Boy, was I wrong.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a port of the brawling simulator that allows players to pit their favorite characters from Square Enix’s long-running Final Fantasy series against each other.

Unlike the PSP games, the fights in NT are not one-on-one–instead, they are three-on-three. The goal of all three players on one team is to take out the members of the other team in order to deplete the enemy team’s HP meter. While members on the team can respawn after being taken out, each death means one bar of life being taken away from the team’s HP.

The method of defeating an opponent is basically the same: Use Brave attacks to build up your Bravery stat. This Bravery stat will also be the amount of HP damage you can inflict on an opponent. You can’t die when your Bravery hits zero, but when your HP reaches zero, your character is knocked out. When the Bravery of a player falls to zero, the player that caused this to happen will receive a Brave Break boost, receiving all of the points put into a pool that has been building throughout the match.

Summons are very different from the PSP game. In the PSP games, summoned beasts equipped to a player could be activated by either fulfilling certain conditions (taking a certain amount of damage, etc) or pressing a button, if the Summon had that skill. However, in NT, a player must build up their Summon Gauge before being able to call the Summon into existence. And geez, are the summons big! Alexander was there for a long period of time during my battle, and he was enormous. While the stages in the PSP games were fairly small, the scale of what the developers were able to achieve in terms of environments and objects is amazing.

With more characters being announced—including Noctis from Final Fantasy XV being announced right before Tokyo Game Show—it looks like I have more to look forward to before this game hits the PlayStation 4 on January 11, 2018 in Japan, and January 30 everywhere else.

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