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With the new series only a few weeks away, an OVA (original video anime) has been released in Japan that explores the world of UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi 2 by delving into the backstory of the anime’s lead heroine. Taking place around chapter 96 of the manga, this OVA’s story gives us tantalizing hints about the relationship between the upcoming anime’s male and female leads.

[This article contains spoilers for the UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi 2 Amor Primus OVA.]

The OVA begins with three female members of a secret society called “UQ Holder” bathing in an outdoor bathhouse together. Their topic of conversation: how the protagonist of the series, Tōta Konoe, just confessed his love to the heroine, the 700-year-old vampire named Yukihime. As they talk about Tōta, Yukihime herself joins the three and they begin talking about their first love. We learn a few interesting things about all the characters in this scene. For one, the girls are infatuated with Tōta to some degree or another. But, the key moment is when we’re actually shown Tōta’s “confession of love” that the girls are talking about. We see Yukihime doesn’t reciprocate Tōta’s feelings, but does blush at his bold actions. In this instant, we quickly learn one thing about these two characters; they already share some sort of intimate relationship with each other. While it’s not on the level of lovers—as seen by Yukihime’s response—we get a sense there’s a history between them.

However, as Yukihime and the girls are talking, they mention how Yukihime is Tōta’s first love. At the sound of those words, we dive into Yukihime’s memories and when she met her first love 500 years ago. We see a war-torn world where a weak Yukihime is taken to a witch’s palace. The only way Yukihime can leave, though, is by defeating the witch. As she tries to do this, Yukihime discovers a boy in the palace. Lo and behold, that boy is Tōta. While this is Yukihime and Tōta’s fist meeting, what’s strange is how Tōta talks about Yukihime as if he intimately knows her and in a way that shows his affection for her. The leads us to wonder how it’s possible for Tōta to know Yukihime when this is their “first meeting.” It creates a fascinating mystery around this circumstance and keeps us wondering about Tōta.

After a brief chase around the palace and Tōta feeding Yukihime, Tōta disappears from the palace. But two years later, Tōta appears in front of Yukihime again doing a strange training exercise. The two characters train together, and we see Yukihime’s romantic feelings start to bud—especially after he says she’s like an angel. We then see the two characters’ appreciation for each other as they rest and take teatime.

Because Tōta is the only other person she really interacts with, we see Yukihime’s growing adoration for him. This raises a large question: If Yukihime is developing romantic feelings for Tōta, why does she reject him in the first scene of the OVA? You’d think she’d be enamored by the proposition. But, remember the events of Yukihime and Tōta’s first meeting are taking place in Yukihime’s memories. Therefore, we have to conclude something happened between the two character’s to create a rift—or at the very least make them extremely close, but not so close they’re lovers. After all, 500 years is a long, long time.

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With Tōta saying Yukihime is like an angel, we see her dream about her childhood. But, Tōta unwittingly sees the dream as well. Frustrated by Tōta looking at a very personal moment from her life, Yukihime assaults him. As the two sling some spells at each other, it’s revealed Tōta loves Yukihime and wants to help her. Yet, he says a very odd thing, (roughly translated) “It’s pointless telling this to a Yukihime from the past.” This one line opens up a whole can of worms because it does a couple of things. It answers our question about why Tōta knew Yukihime when she first met him. At the same time, though, we ask how Tōta wound up in the past. In other words, the mystery within the OVA becomes layered, making us want to dig deeper.

We dig even deeper when Yukihime tells Tōta the only way he can help her is to end her suffering. Yet, Tōta responds by informing her of the bright future she’ll have, even going as far saying there’s a man in her future that’ll truly help her. When Yukihime presses the issue, though, Tōta reveals it’s going to a cool man with red hair. It’s really fascinating Tōta tells Yukihime she actually won’t fall in love with him because this is his chance to influence Yukihime and change the outcome of their relationship. Yet, by only revealing small snippets of her future, it’s as if he’s accepting the reality she won’t reciprocate his romantic feelings. And by speaking with Yukihime about her future, it also calls into question who this man with red hair is. We’ve seen Yukihime fall in love Tōta, but it’s insinuated her first real love is this man. This is a plot point that can’t be answered in one short OVA. But, in a longer series it can slowly be revealed over the course of the story.

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We leave Yukihime’s memories and return to the bathhouse and the three girls prod at Yukihime to tell them about her first love. Before she can answer, though, Tōta comes crashing into the bath and lands on Yukihime. While punishing Tōta, we hear Yukihime say, “You’re 500 years to late.” It’s the last line of the OVA that’s striking for the entire story and upcoming anime series. From this one line, we learn Yukihime still harbors some feelings for Tōta. However, other life events have changed her feelings for him. It makes us curious about their story together and entices us just enough to want more.

So, while we spent a majority of the OVA exploring Yukihime’s memories, we see how they affect her and those around her. On top of this, it sets up some very interesting questions about the anime series before we go into it.

UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi 2 Amor Primus is unavailable outside of Japan.

There is currently no streaming information about the UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi 2 anime series.

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