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Have you ever wanted to see an anime series that features a dream team of anime characters? The anime studio Tatsunoko Productions is doing that with four of their legendary characters in Infini-T Force.

The evil mastermind named Z wants to destroy all but one universe in the multiverse. But, in order to do that he needs a special object. That special object is currently possessed by our heroine, Emi Kaido. Now, four legendary heroes have joined forces to protect Emi and the save the multiverse.

While it may not seem like to big of a deal, the mere fact we’re going to see an anime series that features four of Tatsunoko Productions (Tatsunoko Pro.) most famous heroes is kind of amazing. It’s not often we get to see these kinds of crossovers in anime, especially when we’re talking about a studio that brought the world memorable series like Speed Racer (1967), Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (co-produced 1982), and more recently Yattaman Night (2015). However, the characters featured in Infini-T Force aren’t extremely well known outside of Japan, let alone among a younger generation of anime fans. These characters are Gatchaman from Space Ninja Team Gatchman (Battle of the Planets), Casshern from Neo-Human Casshern, Polymar from Hurricane Polymar, and Tekkaman from Tekkaman: The Space Knight. What makes these four characters so special in the pantheon of anime characters is the impact they had on Japanese popular culture.

While the series may not be as ubiquitous as Dragon Ball, there’s a certain charm to them. Gatchaman uses elements of future science, ninjas, and giant robots as he battles the forces of evil; Casshern is a cyborg fighting evil robot forces; Polymar’s suit has the ability to change its shape into five distinct vehicles; Tekkaman is about humans fighting aliens as the find a new planet to live on. It’s great entertainment for children and with a little reworking can offer some fine stories for the new millennium.

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This is what Infini-T Force is doing by bringing Gatchaman, Tekkaman, Polymar, and Casshern together in one series. It’s taken relatively simple to follow characters and placed them in a series that explores what it is they’re fighting for. The simple answer is peace. Yet, rather than save their own world, in Infini-T Force, the four characters are brought to a different dimension that resembles modern-day Tokyo. At first glance, there’s not much for them to fight. But, it becomes clear very quickly there are lager machinations at play. Thus, they will be called upon to save the world. However, Gatchaman, Tekkaman, Polymar, and Casshern have conflicting personal goals—like Gatchaman wanting to return to his own world. It’s clear he wants to help this world, yet he knows his duty is back in his home dimension. This creates an exciting prospect because we’re essentially seeing four characters from distinct universes come together to fight evildoers. At the same time, though, it’s not exactly the fight they feel they should be fighting. What’s not to love about this?

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This fact becomes clear during the first major action scene in the first episode. The scene features Gatchaman, Tekkaman, and Polymar fighting evil robots. While it’s clear all three characters are on the same side, Gatchaman is bit confused as to what’s going on. Consider, this is his first time seeing Polymar. This makes it difficult to gauge if Polymar’s on his side or not. It’s a split second decision on Gatchaman’s part and for him it becomes patently clear to him who he needs to fight. For Gatchaman and Polymar, their first order of business is saving the city. But, after the combat is over, Gatchaman is looking for a way home, thus setting up a character arc for him. The thing is, Gatchaman needs to work with Polymar and Tekkaman if he wants to go home. So, while he’s still the hero, we clearly see he has his own objectives.

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However, the clear highlight of the first episode and the series as a whole is certainly the action scenes. What makes the action exciting is seeing these characters fight evildoers in their own unique way. It’s a real treat too because we’re seeing the characters use their iconic weapons and powers. For instance, in the first episode, we see Polymar transform into a drill and plane, Gatchaman’s jumping around like a ninja, and Tekkaman arrives with his trusty robot partner and wreaks havoc on the enemies. If the scene were likened to anything, it’s the final action scene in 2012’s Avengers in that we get to see our favorite heroes do what they do best: fight evildoers with their powers as a team.

Image source: 「Infini-T Force」公式‏ on Twitter

Even outside of combat, the series is exciting because of the relationship dynamics of all four heroes. Since we’re dealing with an ensemble series, this is key to keeping viewers engaged. The first episode does this with Gatchaman, Tekkaman, and Polymar. Just before the first major action scene, we see Gatchaman has a bit of an ego, even forcibly asking if Emi is OK. This creates tension between Gatchaman and Polymar, and we can hear Polymar’s quick response. It’s very well executed, as it leads us to believe these two characters are going to be at odds with each other on a personal level. But, soon after the action scene is over, we quickly see Gatchaman take on the role of an aloof bloke to Polymar’s grounded straight man of a comedy duo. It’s a nice change in pace and defines their relationship when they’re wearing their hero suits and not. And since the four heroes bond over their agreement, they’re all heroes in whom we’re likely to see egos run high during the action and banter.

Throw Gatchaman, Tekkaman, Polymar, and Casshern into a mix and you have a crime fighting team that has potential for great character dynamics and high paced action scenes.

There is currently no streaming information on Infini-T Force.

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