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With the start of the Tournament of Power, 80 fighters on 8 different teams began a 48 minute battle royal. Now with only 30 minutes remaining, a mere 33 are left standing.

The current arc of Dragon Ball Super is centered around the “Tournament of Power.” In this tournament, teams of ten from eight different universes fight in a battle royal with the very existence of their respective universes on the line. In the end, only the winning universe will remain. All others will be erased.

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To win is simple. At the the end of the tournament’s 48 minute time limit, whichever team has the most remaining members is the victor.

[This article contains spoilers up to episode 107 of Dragon Ball Super.]

With the latest episode (episode 107), 30 minutes remain in the tournament. However, more than 50% of the fighters have already been eliminated.

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Here are the current standings:

Universe 6: 7 Members Remaining
Universe 7: 7 Members Remaining
Universe 2: 6 Members Remaining
Universe 3: 6 Members Remaining
Universe 4: 4 Members Remaining
Universe 11: 3 Members Remaining
Universe 9: 0 Members Remaining
Universe 10: 0 Members Remaining

Looking at the hard numbers, Universe 7 (Goku’s Universe) and and its mirror, Universe 6, are tied for the lead. However, Universe 2 (the magical girl universe) and Universe 3 (the technology/genius universe) are only one member behind. Universe 4, the “scheming universe” has four remaining, but somehow, two of those have yet to be spotted by any other team—or even the gods in the audience.

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And as for the universe of super heroes, Universe 3, they may only have three members, but those three are their strongest—with one seemingly equal in raw power to Goku (Toppo) and another supposedly stronger (Jiren).

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Of course, for any team not in the lead, it’s just as important to eliminate the other the teams’ fighters as it is to protect your own. But who’s the strongest in that regard—which fighter has had the most eliminations?

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(In the following list, if one person is solely responsible for a knockout, they have been awarded one knockout. If they were part of a team attack knockout, they get an assist. Those in bold are still in the tournament. Those not in bold have been also eliminated themselves.)

Vegeta: 6 Knockouts, 3 Assists
Goku: 3 Knockouts, 3 Assists
Master Roshi: 3 Knockouts, 2 Assists
Android 18: 3 Knockouts, 1 Assist
Kale: 2 Knockouts, 3 Assists
Frieza: 2 Knockouts
Cabba: 2 Knockouts
Hit: 2 Knockouts
Android 17: 2 Knockouts
Gohan: 2 Knockouts
Frost: 2 Knockouts*
Caulifla: 1 Knockout, 3 Assists
Krillin: 1 Knockout, 2 Assists
Tien Shinhan: 1 Knockout, 1 Assist
Brianne de Chateau: 1 Knockout
Basil: 1 Knockout
Jimeze: 1 Knockout
Piccolo: 1 Knockout
Hermila: 1 Knockout
Jiren: 1 Knockout

*I gave the knockout to Frost for Master Roshi’s elimination

Looking at the list above, it’s obvious why Team Universe 6 and Team Universe 7 are in the lead. Counting everyone with at least one elimination under their belts, there are 20 fighters. Of those, ten fighters belong to Universe 7 and five belong to Universe 6.

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Vegeta is clearly the MVP of the tournament so far as he has as many knockouts alone as the next three fighters combined—which are likewise Universe 7 team members.

Of course, having the most eliminations likely means that you’ve spent the most time fighting—with 30 minutes remaining on the clock, we haven’t even reached the second half of the tournament yet. Conversely, this means that other teams haven’t been fighting nearly as much—at least not that we have seen.

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The two hidden members of Team Universe 4 and Jiren (who himself has done a total of two attacks since the tournament began) are basically fresh. Goku and Vegeta, on the other hand, have been fighting almost non-stop—which is largely true for all of the remaining Team Universe 7 members except, perhaps, Frieza.

We’ll see how important this is as the tournament continues on and it devolves into a battle of the strongest. But for now, our heroes are exactly where they want to be.

Dragon Ball Super is streaming on Daisuki, FUNimation, and Crunchyroll and is airing on Cartoon Network’s Toonami with an English dub.

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