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Joining a number of slice of life series about music groups, Here Comes The Three Angels is the latest from the creator of elementary school basketball club anime Ro-Kyu-Bu. The series follows a digital musician who is approached by three orphaned elementary school students with the request that he help them form a band. Of course, this leads to pretty obvious comedy. And frankly, it’s got some great music.

When we meet the main character, Hibiki (actual name Nukui Kyo), he has become a shut-in. Other than his music, and the online connections he has made through them, he seems to have given up on most aspects of his teenage life. Even if he did plan to go to school, he’s often up late into the night working on songs. When he finally goes to sleep, he doesn’t wake up until the middle of the following day. Something I’ve done myself once or twice. Perhaps a little too recently…

Image source: 「天使の3P!」アニメ公式 好評放送中! on Twitter

He does appear to have one major online friend, but at first we know very little about her. She does illustrations for his digital music, but that’s all we know at the beginning of the series. He seems destined for an existence of late nights, even later mornings, convenience store meals, and hollow, shallow online relationships. That is, until Hibiki gets a very polite message from someone requesting his help. He assumes that this must be sophisticated adult. He cannot be further from the truth.

Instead, when he goes to meet this fan, it turns out to be the aforementioned three elementary school students. Putting aside the ridiculous nature of the jokes during the initial meeting, we can skip ahead to when Hibiki goes to the orphanage. Of course, it would be reasonable to expect that the reason the main character’s help has been sought is because he’s actually a very good musician and… well… They’re elementary school students. However, honestly, they’re great.

Image source: 「天使の3P!」アニメ公式 好評放送中! on Twitter

Is this unrealistic? Yes. Absolutely. And the longer the series goes on, the more ridiculous the situation gets. The series is very much pure fantasy, which is something I didn’t get right away. I was expecting something more along the lines of Ro-Kyu-Bu, which at first, seems to have a similar setup, only with an elementary school girls basketball team instead of a rock band. However, in that case, there are realistic reasons to put a star high school player into an elementary school program. Not to mention that the main character, Subaru, really is an excellent coach, and other than perhaps Tomoka, the team really is that horrible.

Here Comes The Three Angels has a completely different feel to it, despite a cursory look at the plot seeming very similar. Aside from the realistic issues that a high school aged shut-in should have spending all his time with three fifth grade girls that Hibiki does not, the other aspects of the series are equally as bizarre. The whole orphanage part of the setting (itself some kind of former Catholic church, and their caretaker a former priest?) bears no relation whatsoever to the actual foster care system in Japan.

Image source: 「天使の3P!」アニメ公式 好評放送中! on Twitter

If you’re looking for this series to have any kind of serious look at issues in Japan, it’s not going to be for you. While all media, of course, holds some kind of mirror to the society that produced it, some are overtly social commentary. This series isn’t that. Here Comes The Three Angels is most definitely a vehicle for combining cute girls and popular anime music. The girls are absolutely fantastic as a group, and it’s clear that their voice actresses are probably accomplished singers.

Here Comes The Three Angels knows what it is, and what it does, it does well. It’s completely unpretentious in its combination of cute young girls with even more adorable musical numbers. Its opening and ending themes, combined with its many insert song, as well as Hibiki’s own digital creations, are honestly worthy of investing in the soundtrack. If for no other reason, watch for the music. Or perhaps I should say Listen.

Here Comes The Three Angels can be watched with subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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