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Brock and Misty are back in Pokémon: Sun & Moon. ‘Nuff said.

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The students at the Pokémon academy have been invited to our hero Ash Ketchum’s hometown to study the differences between the Pokémon of the Alola and Kanto regions. And two unexpected people arrive to greet Ash and friends at the airport. They’re none other than Ash’s old traveling buddies Brock and Misty.

It’s been quite a while since the characters Brock and Misty have made an appearance on an episode of Pokémon. The event had old and older fans tuning in to see these iconic characters again. I hadn’t seen any Pokémon anime (other than the recent film) in the past 13 or 14 years, but knew I had to tune in for the festivities.

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Here are my notes on seeing Brock and Misty appear in Pokémon: Sun & Moon:

1 minute 50 Seconds:
So, Ash is in school now? Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

3 minute 10 seconds:
Oh yeah, “Mezase Pokémon Master.” That’s the theme song I love. Glad to hear it’s been remixed for younger fans.

5 minutes 7 seconds:
BROCK!!!!! And now he’s studying to be a Pokémon doctor? I thought he was going to become a Pokémon breeder.

5 minutes 20 seconds:
Team Rocket’s still around too? You’d think after 20 years of abuse by Ash’s Pikachu they’d have given up by now.

6 minutes 10 seconds:
Ahh, Brock’s love of beautiful women hasn’t gone away. And Misty’s response is just the way I remember it.

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6 minutes 45 seconds:
Hahahahaha. Original Jyari Girl (what Team Rocket calls Misty in Japanese).

6 minutes:
Professor Oak has a cousin who looks and sounds 99% like him? I think I can live with that.

9 minutes 43 seconds:
Hahaha. Ash and his Tauruses (Taurusi?) still love each other.

12 minutes 26 seconds:
Oh wow, the Squirtle Squad made it into the episode too. We’re seeing all sorts of familiar faces today.

Did somebody say #NationalSunglassesDay? The Squirtle Squad is ready! #Pokemon

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12 minutes 50 seconds:
Time to look at the differences between the Alola and Kanto Pokémon. That’s one long neck on the Alola Exeggutor. The Alola Geodude has some thick eyebrows. That’s one colorful Alola Muk. Must be the pollution(?). That hair on the Alola Dugtrio. What are they, suffers? The Alola Marowak is a fire and ghost type Pokémon? That’s really cool.

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14 minutes 32 seconds:
Wow, it’s not often you see Ash’s Pikachu shock the good guys.

17 minutes 25 seconds:
Throwback to the early Pokémon episodes with Misty running away from a Caterpie. And we get the same Japanese mushi wa mushi (lit. “ignore bugs”) pun too. Great stuff.

17 minutes 40 seconds:
Brock, you’re bringing a tear to my eye talking about the time you, Misty, and Ash traveled together.

18 minutes:
Another familiar face. Ash’s Bulbasaur just popped up and is happy to see Ash again.

18 minutes 55 seconds:
Misty! What are you doing taking off your clothes… oh. Never mind, you’re wearing a swimsuit.

20 minutes 35 seconds:
Team Rocket’s Jessie and James haven’t changed their entrance motto in 20 years, huh. That’s commendable.

21 minutes 8 seconds:
Brock and Misty are just as surprised as I am that Jessie and James are still up to no good.

21 minutes 45 seconds:
HA! Team Rocket’s Meowth is piloting the weekly Team Rock robot like a Mobile Fighter from Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

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22 minutes 29 seconds:
YES! The legendary Jigglypuff that puts everyone to sleep. Now that’s a throwback if I’ve ever seen one. And it’s totally ready with its microphone that doubles as a black marker.

24 minutes 49 seconds:
Just as the robot named Rotom Pokédex says he can’t find the last Kanto Pokémon, we get to see Mew hiding in the bushes. What a great way to end a nostalgia trip.

Image source: ポケモン公式ツイッター on Twitter

What a fun episode of Pokémon: Sun & Moon. It makes me want to go back and watch the original series again.

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Pokémon: Sun & Moon is streaming on Amazon Anime Strike and Pokémon TV. It’s also airing on Disney XD in the United States.

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