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The school in Classroom of the Elite is anything but fair, but the latest arc puts things on a more even ground and offers the chance for the main characters to actually get ahead.

[Note: This article contain spoilers for Classroom of the Elite.]

Currently, the students in Classroom of the Elite are enjoying their summer—as much as one can in a system that appears to be ultimately engineered for unfairness. However, their latest school activity has taken them to an uninhabited island and an unprecedented opportunity.

Classroom of the Elite Is a Dark Twist on the Japanese Educational System

As part of a special test with the theme of “freedom,” all the freshmen students have been taken to an uninhabited island where they are to survive on their own for one week. As tedious as the prospect seems, there is a massive incentive for the students. As previously established, each class has a certain number of Class Points. The number of Class Points not only determines how many Private Points—the school’s own currency—a student receives every month, but also the class’ rank itself. Each class’ performance in this special survival test will potentially add a significant amount of Class Points to their current score.

The way it works is as follows:

  • At the start of the test, each class is provided with 300 S Points.
  • S points can be used like Private Points to purchase items like food, water, tents, portable bathrooms, and other survival essentials and luxuries.
  • The amount of remaining S points cannot fall below zero, even if subsequent penalties that would cost S points are incurred.
  • Classes can also earn Bonus Points—even with all the different types of Points already—by laying claim on certain Spots located throughout the island.
  • Bonus Points can only be accumulated or lost (see below) and cannot be spent like S Points.
  • Spots can only be claimed by a class’ designated leader.
  • A leader cannot be changed without legitimate reason.
  • At the end of the week, each class has a chance to earn extra points by correctly identifying another class’ leader.
  • Each correctly identified leader will earn a class 50 Bonus Points for a total of 150 Bonus Points for naming every other class’ leader.
  • Any mistakenly identified leaders will cost a class 50 Points.
  • Each class that has its leader guessed by another class will also lose 50 points.
  • At the end of the week, each class’ remaining S Points and Bonus Points will be added to that class’ Class Points.

Each student is provided with a wrist watch that monitors their vitals and keeps track of where they are. There are also penalties for students dropping out due to injury or illness, removing their wrist watches without authorization, heavily polluting the environment, and violence against and stealing from other classes.

Image source: 『ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ』公式‏ on Twitter

As of last count—the end of episode 8—each class has the following number of Class Points:

  • A Class: 1,004 Points
  • B Class: 663 Points
  • C Class: 492 Points
  • D Class: 87 Points

As it stands, the ranking divide is all but set in stone. A Class is so far ahead and D Class lags so far behind that there’s hardly any hope of change. However, with this current test, a massive boost or loss in S Points could radically change things depending on how smartly the cards are played.

Not only does this test offer the chance at a bump in Class Points, but it also provides us as the viewers with an even playing field for the students that we haven’t seen since the first episode. Each class has the same amount of S Points, much like each class started the year with the same amount of Class Points. But this time, everybody has an idea of how the system works. Where initially D Class took their Points for granted and acted recklessly, costing them every single Class Point they had, this time they are aware of the stakes. Now we get to see how D Class will perform when they have the same resources that the other classes do.

The gap between D Class and C Class’ Class Point score is currently 405 Points. The only way D Class could hope to overcome this and change class ranking to become the new C Class would be to save all of their S Points and successfully identify the leaders of all other classes. And that’s not taking into account any penalties they may suffer or S Points of Bonus Points that C Class will earn. Already D Class is going to suffer a penalty due to one of their most eccentric classmates dropping out so the road ahead is already pretty rocky. It’s going to be interesting seeing how the members of D Class play their hand in this game of wits.

Image source: 『ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ』公式‏ on Twitter

Classroom of the Elite can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, and with English dialogue on FUNimation.

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