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The titular character of Clean Freak! Aoyama kun is just that—a clean freak. He’s also on the soccer team, making him kind of a weirdo. Luckily for him, there are plenty of other weirdos around him. This includes a girl whose hobbies include lock-picking and using said skill to stalk her beloved Aoyama. And gosh darn it she’s adorable.

Moka Gotō is a girl who’s known the taciturn Aoyama since they were in elementary school. Madly in love with him, she gave him a cat plushie she sewed so he could touch it since he couldn’t pet the real thing due to his obsession with cleanliness. He told her to give it to him after she washed it. Despite this, Moka took his quirk in stride and continued to pine for him even all through the three years when they attended different middle schools.

Her pure love, however, turned into what onlookers would call “stalking.” When they were reunited in high school, the shy Moka couldn’t get up the courage to talk to Aoyama. Instead, she used her newfound lock-picking skills to bust open the soccer club changing room and clean the entire damn thing. That includes the floors, lockers, and contents of said lockers. This is important because while, yes, stalking behavior is frowned upon, it was kind of a selfless act. She cleaned the club room constantly in order to let Aoyama feel a bit more at ease after practice. No one knew who was cleaning the room, and she didn’t expect anyone to, so she wasn’t getting any brownie points or anything. More than recognition, she just wanted the person she loves to be happy. But as luck would have it, after being found out by Aoyama, she got the chance to begin talking to him once again.

And that’s not all she uses her slightly unusual skill for. When Aoyama gets trapped in a stinky locker room by the girlfriend of the captain of a rival team, she saves him by picking the room’s lock and threatening the culprit behind his kidnapping with a nail bat covered in flowery stickers. She was so determined to take out anyone causing harm to him that Aoyama had to tell her to stop before things got… messy (which, thinking back, would probably cause him more distress).

Sure, Moka might be a bit… odd. But honestly, her actions of pure love made me tear up a little. This girl is so in love with Aoyama that she kept pining for him for three years. Despite this, the show doesn’t depict her as a crazy nut who goes into a crazy rage whenever anyone gets near Aoyama. The most important thing to her isn’t “owning” Aoyama—it’s that he’s happy and safe. She becomes the team’s manager in order to make this a reality, sacrificing a lot of her own personal time. And for what? With the goal of dating him? No. She just wants to see him happy.

Image Source: TVアニメ「潔癖男子!青山くん」公式‏ on Twitter

Aoyama is someone who is put on a pedestal by those around him—so much that it makes Moka feel like she can never reach him or even talk to him. Despite this, from the one time he met her, Moka left such an impression on Aoyama that he never forgot her name, even after three years of being apart. While he can’t bear to have her touch him due to her phobia of germs, they have somewhat of an understanding—a rhythm that keeps their relationship in balance. She understands his phobia, and in return, he doesn’t judge her for her odd hobbies.

Why wouldn’t you want to cheer her on? Moka is a bit nuts, but she’s also extremely selfless, to a sympathetic degree. She might seem absolutely nuts with a nail-filled bat, but she never does anything out of malice. She’s just simply, purely adorable. Moka has lock-picked her way right into my heart.

Clean Freak! Aoyama kun is streaming on Crunchyroll with subtitles.

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