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Victor Putin from Chronos Ruler is a very confident man. But, what happens when he faces the demons of his past?

Our heroes in Chronos Ruler arrive at a coastal town called Coubjurs. As it turns out, this is the hometown of the character Victor Putin. But, something is awry, as everything in the town looks exactly as it was in the 1980s. Now, Victor is watching his childhood play out in front of his eyes. And for him, it’s a chance to make amends with his past.

Image source: TVアニメ『時間の支配者』公式 on Twitter

At his core, Victor understands he can’t change the past because time only flows forward. Yet, in the last two episodes of the series, he’s facing a dilemma that can easily shatter his perception of time. This gives us a different side of him because we’re actually seeing him deal with his personal demons and the prospect of making amends for his past mistakes—namely, his parent’s untimely death. More importantly, though, it’s our first look into something concrete from his past. This creates a window into Victor’s psyche and we get to see what’s truly important to him.

Throughout these episodes, we see Victor deal with the death of his parents. Yet, rather than see him reminisce about the incident, we see him face it through the town of Coubjurs being restored to how he remembers it, right down to the last detail—including the people. While Victor fundamentally recognizes there’s something amiss, he can’t help but be blinded by his remorse. Consider, when Victor first sees his parents in the opening of the eighth episode. There’s a part of him that’s absolutely stunned and happy to see them alive. Yet, at the same time, it’s an emotionally charged moment because he knows they’re supposed to be dead. Even worse, if he knows if were to become involved with them he can’t necessarily change the outcome of their deaths.

Image source: TVアニメ『時間の支配者』公式 on Twitter

This bind involving Victor and his parents makes the episodes exciting to watch. Up to this point, there’s an understanding Victor is losing his memories. But, this is our first time seeing any sort of distinct connection to his past from his perspective. What’s more, we’re seeing him relive a portion of his childhood as an outside observer as if they’re those events are really happening. So, by interacting with the people he could potentially influence future events. But, only watching the events play out forces him to see his traumatic past.

For instance, in the ninth episode Victor learns his mother needs a blood transfusion. At first, he’s an observer in the situation and offering moral support. Therefore, he’s not directly involved in the event. Yet, Victor is watching his mother suffer. This forces him to look deep into himself and ask if he’a truly fine with just being an observer.

Image source: TVアニメ『時間の支配者』公式 on Twitter

Victor isn’t satisfied with just being an observer and gives into the desire of being with his deceased parents once again. It’s a yearning many of us can relate to, but it brings a sad joy to Victor. He fundamentally understands the people he’s interacting with are facsimiles of his actual parents—who are dead. And their deaths weigh heavily on his conscience. It’s not because Victor was directly involved in their death, but because of the way he treated them.

For example, in the eighth episode, we see a young Victor and his general attitude towards his parents. It’s heartbreaking because he treats them as lesser than him. While the older Victor doesn’t show outward signs of pain, his reaction to his younger self explodes just after the above-mentioned blood transfusion. Essentially, he berates his younger self for not understanding the love he’s receiving from his parents.

That explosion of anger to Victor’s younger self is really our first look at what is truly important to Victor. It’s not his parents, but his family. Remember, Victor’s experiences in the town are experiences he still remembers. So, we’re seeing what molded him into the man he is—even if he can’t remember everything in his past. And it’s the trauma of losing his parents that made him realize the importance of family. This is why he puts on a face for the characters Mina and Kiri. He’s making sure they recognize they’re important to him, even if he is difficult. He wants them to know even though he may not remember everything they’re still his family. But, in order for Victor fully realize this, he needs to face his childhood head on.

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With Victor having lost a portion of his memories, it can be difficult figuring out exactly what’s important to him. But, with the last two episodes delving into a past he still remembers, we get a better sense of who Victor really is. And he’s not just a confident man, but also someone who cares deeply about his family.

Chronos Ruler is streaming on Crunchyroll with subtitles and on FUNimation with an English dub.

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