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Dragon Ball Super’s Master Roshi may be a perverted old man, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t able to prove his worth when the fate of our universe is on the line.

In the current arc of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and a team of nine others are in an eight-universe team battle royale where the winning team’s universe gets to survive. The losing teams, well, don’t.

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Now, when you think of the strongest heroes of Dragon Ball, Master Roshi likely doesn’t break the top 10—not with the large cast of Saiyans and other otherworldly beings. Yet, as this whole arc has shown, in a battle like the Tournament of Power, raw strength is nowhere near as important as experience and quick thinking.

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In the early minutes of the tournament, our heroes (sans Vegeta, Goku, and Frieza) did their best to stay together and team up on anyone who came their way. However, with the battle getting more and more chaotic, it eventually became clear that the strategy had run its course.

Episode 105 of Dragon Ball Super follows Master Roshi as he travels through the arena alone—staying out of battles while observing the fights going on around him. But, of course, that can’t last forever and over the course of the episode, he encounters not one but three fighters—all from Universe 4. And each fight is directly connected to exploring one of the main facets of Roshi’s personality.

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While Universe 2 is the home to magical girls and Universe 12 the home to Power Ranger-esque super heroes, Universe 4 is the universe of dirty tricks, conspiracies, and manipulation. To someone straightforward about fighting like Goku or Vegeta, people who rely on tricks and deception can be a problem. But Master Roshi himself is a master of tricks with over 300 years of fighting experience under his belt.

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His first fight is against Caway, a female fighter who uses her energy to make weapons. When her attacks don’t work on the seasoned veteran, she switches to her other specialty: seduction.

Ever since we first met Roshi back in the original Dragon Ball, it can be said that he has a weakness for the ladies. Leading up to the tournament of power, he trained hard to overcome his lusty ways (in a training montage made for laughs more than anything else)—and supposedly succeeded.

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Unfortunately, Caway puts that to the test with her own technique. And while he does come back to his senses just in time to avoid a fatal blow, it’s clear that it was a close thing.

Of course, with her sneak attack failed, all Roshi has to do act the part of an unstoppable perverted lecher to get Caway to ring out herself in fear. If nothing else, it shows that, over the years, Roshi has learned to put aside his immediate wants for a greater cause—even when confronted by them directly. Heck, he can even turn that past weakness into a weapon.

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The next enemy that Roshi comes across is Dercori. A master of mystical, ninja-like techniques, her attacks are meant to confused and trap her opponent. Of course, this is far from the only time Master Roshi has come up against evil magics. Dodging her attacks, he eventually uses the original series’ Evil Containment Wave to trap her in a jar—a jar that he then casually throws over the edge of the arena.

In this fight, it is Roshi’s experience that is key. While he may not have seen her exact moves before, he has seen their like. So while others would be confused, trying to use their strength to escape her trap, Roshi knows exactly what to do and thus wins handily.

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For the final fight of the episode, Roshi comes up against Ganos. Rather than the trickery of his Universe 4 teammates, Ganos is a fighter in the more traditional sense. At first, Roshi seems able to handle the young fighter easily—having observed all his attacks beforehand. However, like Goku, the more beat up Ganos gets, the more drive he has to win. And in a danger-filled place like the Tournament of Power, his potential growth appears limitless.

Soon it is Roshi on the ropes—and he realizes if not stopped now, Ganos could potentially challenge even Goku before the tournament is over. Once again, Roshi uses his experience to dive into his bag of tricks, attempting to put Ganos into a hypnotic sleep. Unfortunately, Ganos is more than willing to cause himself damage to stay awake.

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With the lives of all his universe on the line, Roshi simply takes Ganos’ attacks as he powers up his most powerful Kamehameha, releasing a blast that knocks the young man out of the area. However, the combination of taking so much damage and putting his all into the Kamehameha proves too much for Roshi and he collapses, dead.

In this fight, we see that while Roshi helped shape Goku and Krillin, the two students shaped him in return. They taught him to push beyond his limits and do what no one thought him possible of. You can live a life full of pleasure while still pushing your boundaries even further.

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While Roshi is revived by the end of the episode, he is definitely worse for wear. But if anything, we know he’s not out of the fight yet. His long years of experience have proved vital and will again. He’s not done adding to that pool of experience yet. Every day he lives, he changes and learns—enjoying life and becoming an ever more powerful fighter all the while.

Dragon Ball Super is streaming on Daisuki, FUNimation, and Crunchyroll and is airing on Cartoon Network’s Toonami with an English dub.

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