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Sure, most of the mysteries were solved at the end of the Naruto anime, but Boruto brings up a new mystery that keeps me awake at night: who is Metal Lee’s mother?

Metal Lee, as we already know, is the son of legendary ninja with the kickass green jumpsuit and unibrow Rock Lee. He’s a good kid who takes after his father, but has a tendency to mess up because of his bad habit of panicking. He also is a very hard worker, participating in his father’s rigorous training without hesitation. Even his fashion sense is like his dad’s, snazzy jumpsuit and all.

So, we know that Metal is very, very similar to his father. But it’s not like he’s a clone of his dad–he has features that look like they might have been passed down to him by his mother. But unlike the other children of Naruto and his classmates, Metal is the only one whose mother has not been revealed. This was driving me crazy… I spent my nights searching fan theory threads and Wiki pages trying to figure out who this mystery woman was.

In the epilogue to the manga, Rock says they have to hurry back to Metal’s mother as they train, meaning the mystery woman is alive and well! She has to be somewhere, and I won’t rest till I can figure it out!

Here are my suspects:

Suspect #1 – Anko Mitarashi

Anko was the instructor in charge of the hardest challenge during the Chunin exams, where Rock Lee’s team, along with Naruto’s had to embark on a quest to collect and deliver scrolls in the “Forest of Death.” Just like Rock Lee, Anko has a fiery spirit and sense of justice.

Now, this one’s a bit on the less believable side because 1) she’s around 12 years older than him, and 2) they barely interact after the Chunin exams. OK, so maybe their chemistry isn’t the clearest to see. However, while their personalities seem to clash, Anko is basically a younger Naruto in an adult’s body with a hot temper and passion. As Rock Lee gets along very well with Naruto, it’s not a stretch to think that he might get along with Anko as well.

And, since Rock Lee believes that people shouldn’t have dislikes when it comes to food, there’s no doubt that he’d enjoy eating her favorite snacks with her–which might have even lead her to getting fat after they got married, as we can clearly see in the epilogue.

Suspect #2 – Tenten

I know what you’re thinking–you expected me to put Rock Lee’s former team mate Tenten on this list. After all, they’ve known each other from childhood. Well, honestly, I’m not so sure about this Tenten thing, but here’s the information I’ve gathered.

First, she’s the same age as him. She grew up alongside him as a ninja, and while Rock Lee can’t use genjutsu (aka ninja magic) and can only employ taijutsu (aka ninja punch-your-enemy-till-they-lose-consciousness), Tenten is able to support him with her vast knowledge of weapons. Second, she has the same Chinese fashion sense as her team mate. Third, Tenten has a down-to-Earth personality in comparison to Lee, making her (possibly) a good match for him in terms of balance. Fourth, the shape of Metal Lee’s eyes–which are very different from his father’s frog eyes–seem to resemble hers.

Just remember that there used to be another man in the picture: Neji Hyuga, their former teammate who unfortunately passed away in a terrible woodworking accident. Tenten was often seen with him, being his main pillar of support, and also saved his life by giving him water when he was dying from an extremely spicy plate of curry. As seen near the end of Naruto Shippuden, Neji apparently has the ability to wiggle his way into the dreams of people when they’re asleep, so he’s not out of the running yet! Haven’t you seen Ghost? Lee’s got quite the romantic 90’s chick flick to fight with for her heart!

And, let’s not forget that while Tenten is down-to-Earth, she’s obviously annoyed at Lee a majority of the time they’re together. Hell, that’s basically her entire character in the comedy spin-off anime Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals! How would you like to date—let alone marry—a guy with giant eyes and a skin-tight jumpsuit who’s constantly yelling about youth at the top of his lungs?

In conclusion, while there’s some evidence that might make the LeeTen thing possible, I’m not sold.

Suspect #3 – Sanshō

This gentle, sexy widow appeared only in the first series of Naruto, but she has the distinct honor of being such an amazing cook that her food saved Rock Lee’s life. Having a fateful meeting with the young lad when he had just joined his three-man cell, this alluring beauty gave him a plate of her “Curry of Life” when he collapsed from exhaustion.

And you might be thinking that their love might be impossible because she already has a child, but I have other thoughts. To Sanshō’s son Karashi, Rock Lee is a role model. Lee is the entire reason in the first place that Karashi wanted to become strong, leading him to join a criminal organization. However, it is also Lee who gives him inspirational speeches to bring him back to the side of light and curry. Let’s face it, guys: Rock Lee would be an awesome step-dad. You know, the one who brings you to Chuck E. Cheese’s on Friday nights.

Sure, she might be a little bit older than him. All right, she’s a lot older than him. But just like in Harold and Maude, when there’s respect in a relationship, nothing can separate lovers. But how did she give birth to Metal Lee, then? Well, she simply looks older than she actually is. And, with no actual official evidence as to how old she really is, it’s not possible to leave her off the table.

Suspect #4 – Ayame

Ayame is the daughter of the owner of Ramen Ichiraku, the ramen stand Naruto frequents. Despite just being a helper, she is fairly close with Naruto and his friends, even getting to attend Naruto’s wedding. This ravishing ramen woman is around the same age as Rock Lee, and despite having a bit of a temper, she’s fairly calm and understanding—her being one of the only people in Konoha to accept Naruto despite all the other villagers fearing him.

The fact that makes me doubt that Ayame would be Metal Lee’s mother is that Ayame has a thing for handsome men, as seen when she swoons over Kakashi when he takes off his mask. Let’s face it… Rock Lee isn’t exactly a… looker, despite his freakishly giant eyes. But who doesn’t want a wife that cooks you noodles every day?

Boruto: Next Generations is currently airing, and is available to watch for free with subtitles on Crunchyroll. The original Naruto and Naruto Shippuden sequel anime are also streaming there.

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    The only physical difference between Rock and Metal is their eyes, so, find a female character with those eyes


  2. “Just remember that there used to be another man in the picture: Neji Hyuga, their former teammate who unfortunately passed away in a terrible woodworking accident.”


    • Teehee.

  3. This article kinda just bothers me starting with all the choices they made on the possible women besides Tenten who is bound to be suspect number 1 but some of the information really grinds my gears and makes me question if this person ever even watched Naruto. The Unibrow thing was already mentioned but this person clearly doesn’t know what Genjutsu is and likely Ninjutsu as he seems to have confused the two since Ninjutsu is what the author would refer to as “Ninja Magic” while Genjutsu is actually more about illusion so yeah check your information first before you try to make a semi factual article about Naruto

  4. In my opinion, Metal’s mother should be an entirely new character that we didn’t meet in the original series just to surprise us. Or he could be his adopted son instead.

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