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The new giant robots in Knight’s & Magic have been rigorously tested in controlled situations. But, their first practical test came when they were pitted against a hoard of monsters.

Our hero Ernesti “Eru” Echevallia has been researching and developing a new generation of Silhouette Knight robots. After months of controlled testing, the final “test” for his latest designs was arena combat. But, that combat is no comparison to a real world sortie. And Eru’s new designs got their first real trial run against a hoard of monsters and came out with stunning results in the latest episode of Knight’s & Magic.

What makes the latest episode of Knight’s & Magic so fascinating is how it steps back from the research and development aspect and goes for some straight action. That’s not to say the development of the Silhouette Knights is dull, but rather there are limitation’s to the process of constant and rigorous tests and modifications to the machines. So, until the new Knights are actually put in the field, their true potential is unknown. Thus, by having the first half of the most recent episode focus on the new model Knights in combat, we get a great sense how they function in highly chaotic situations.

Image source: 「ナイツ&マジック」TVアニメ公式 on Twitter

Before going into combat, we see Eru test a number of new Silhouette Knight designs in controlled combat one episode earlier. It’s important we’re shown this first because the mock combat serves one important function: our understanding of the new Knights. It’s essentially showing the theoretical potential of the Knights, their armaments, and other equipment. And since the combat is controlled there’s no fear of the characters being in real danger. Yes, malfunctions and other unforeseen mishaps are possible. However, as this is a test, more is gained in terms of data than loss in human lives and machinery. As a pre-production test this is the ultimate goal Eru needs to strive for. However, the definitive test of the new Knights is, in fact real, world combat. Consider it in these terms, up to this point in the series the combat potential of the new Knights is shown very controlled conditions.

With the latest episode having Eru mobilizes his forces with the new Knights, what he’s doing, then, is putting them through their first practical test. It’s really hard to think actual combat is a practical test. But, this is the case because it shows just how much combat damage and stress the Knights can deal and take before it’s no longer useful. In essence, it’s no longer enough for the Knights to move on even terrain or deal with no more the two enemy combatants. They need to be able to survive some rather harsh conditions, chiefly dealing with a swam of monsters called Shellcased beasts. So, when the Knights run smoothly in the episode it means Eru’s designs and new technologies are functional and effective—even in the most dire of situations. This is exemplified when Eru and his two friends Adeltrud “Addy” Olter and Archid “Kid” Olter encounter a larger Queen Shellcased beast.

Image source: 「ナイツ&マジック」TVアニメ公式 on Twitter

During their encounter with the Queen, Addy and Kid are using a quadrupedal Knight designed by Eru. Up to this point the design has only seen controlled combat once and is largely used to break the enemies line. While its use isn’t all that different in the newest episode, its sheer speed alone made the difference of finding the Queen before it wreaked havoc. It’s solid proof the design has practical applications in battle. In turn Eru’s Knight is using shoulder-mounted attachments he’s been developing since the third episode. And much like the Knight Addy and Kid are using, the attachments have really only been used in controlled situations. So, seeing their full combat potential here helps us appreciate the work Eru put into designing and developing the attachments. Thus, this one combat scene proves Eru’s ideas are usable outside of the lab and not some farfetched dream of a robot enthusiast.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with Eru testing new technologies in laboratories and in controlled situations until the kinks have been worked out. But, only when he tests them in actual combat will he get concrete results. And now that Eru finally got to do so, he can say he’s successful in producing functional robots.

Knight’s & Magic is streaming on Crunchyroll with subtitles and dubbed on FUNimation.

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