Dragon Ball merchandise is everywhere, and now we have some brand new sneaks based on the long-running action franchise. Online Japanese retailer SuperGroupies has begun pre-orders for official Dragon Ball shoes and a wristwatch.


The Dragon Ball sneakers feature the logo of the franchise on the side, and the outside is printed with designs of Capsule Corp. capsules and the Dragon Balls themselves. The main part of the shoes is made out of cotton, while the sole is made of synthetic leather. The sneakers will be available in Japanese sizes 23 cm, 24 cm, 25 cm, 26 cm, 27 cm, and 28 cm, and will cost 13,800 yen (about US$126).


This watch has a back with the franchise’s logo, and the face features a decoration that looks like the Dragon Radar. The watch will cost 23,000 yen (about US$211).

Both items will be available to pre-order until September 3. The sneakers are scheduled to be delivered to customers in early December, while the watch is planned for delivery sometime in early February 2018.

Dragon Ball Super is streaming on Daisuki, FUNimation, and Crunchyroll and is airing on Cartoon Network’s Toonami with an English dub.

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