Studio Ghibli’s highly-acclaimed film Spirited Away about a girl who works at a bathhouse in the spirit world has plenty of cute and marketable creatures. Now, they’ve been turned into soy sauce servers, rice paddles, and chopstick holders.

Donguri Republic (lit. Acorn Republic), a store in Japan that sells a large amount of Studio Ghibli merchandise, will begin selling a new line of Spirited Away merchandise beginning in September.

The No-Face soy sauce server uses his little hands to pour the Japanese condiment of choice, or any other liquid you want to put on your food. It’s made out of porcelain and silicone, measures 108 mm in height, and will cost 1,980 yen (about US$18).

The No-Face rice paddle is made of polypropylene, measures 200 mm in height, and costs 800 yen (about US$7).

These chopstick holders are made to look like No-Face in his normal form as well as his monster form, an Ootori-Sama, and Boh in his rat form. Each porcelain stand will cost 900 yen (about US$8).

Donguri Republic stores are located in a number of areas, including the Sunshine City shopping mall in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. A full list of stores in English can be found at the store’s official website. A Japan-only online shop is also available to purchase items from.

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