This collaboration between sports anime and adorable mascot characters was unexpected, but not unwelcome. Now, these new adorable versions of our favorite skaters will be serving coffee and tea in Tokyo.

The “Yuri on Ice×Sanrio characters” limited-time cafe in the Shinjuku district is reservation-only. All customers who reserve will receive one of four A3-sized plastic posters. It will cost 650 yen (about US$6) to reserve a seat.

The menu includes such items as the “Yuri Katsuki and Pochakko’s Super Satisfied Full Tummy Pork Rice Bowl,” which will cost 1,590 yen (about US$14).

The “Victor Nikiforov and Pompompurin and Makkachin Beet Field Peperoncino” salad will cost 1,690 yen (about US$15). Of course, there are many other items, which you can check for on the cafe’s official menu.

All customers who go to the cafe will receive one of four different paper placemats.

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For every drink ordered, the ordering customer will receive one of four coasters.

The cafe will also sell limited-edition goods, including “Yuri on Ice×Sanrio characters Cafe plastic stands,” which will be available for purchase for 980 yen (about US$8). All stands are sold in blind packages.

The “Yuri on Ice×Sanrio characters pin badge sets” come in sets of three, and each cost 1,111 yen (about US$10).

The “Yuri on Ice×Sanrio characters Cafe” string bags will cost 750 yen (about US$7) a piece.

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The cafe will be at at the Shinjuku Southern Plaza within the Shinjuku BOX venue from September 7 to October 6. Although some days are sold out, there are still openings. You can reserve your seat now at the cafe’s official website.

Yuri!!! On ICE is currently streaming on Crunchyroll with subtitles, and on FUNimation with an English dub.

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