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Cyberpunk ex-detective Blitz Talker got his chance in the latest episode of Re:Creators in a telling scene about the relationship between god and man.

From its inception, one of the most interesting facets of Re:Creator is how the various fictional characters interact with their writers—or, in a very real sense, their gods.

[Note: This article contains spoilers up to the 17th episode of Re:Creators.]

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Selesia’s relationship with her god is like that between a parent and child. Main antagonist Altair views her god as her one true ally. Alicetaria, on the other hand, hates her god for the hellish world he has created—until coming to understand that only she, not her god, can save her world.

Why Only Alicetelia from Re:CREATORS Can Save Her World

But while Alicetaria had a general dislike of her god due to the state of her world and the suffering therein, cyberpunk ex-detective Blitz Talker hates his own god for a much more personal reason: the death of his daughter.

Blitz is a grizzled bounty hunter and partner to the main character of his story. In the source material, code・Babylon, Blitz and his partner track down a mad scientist who has cybernetically connected Blitz’s own daughter, Erina, to robotic weapon that even an army might not be able to stop. Knowing that it is too late to save his daughter, Blitz makes the hard call and kills Erina to stop the weapon from activating.

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This tragic moment is the core of Blitz’s character and it’s not hard to imagine how he would have felt: The self-loathing at being too late; the constant regret about the numerous things he could have done to prevent it; the guilt at outliving his own child; and worst of all, the torturous pain of having to take her life with his own hands.

But then, one day, Blitz suddenly finds himself in our world and learns that his whole life was dictated as part of a story to entertain others. But with this knowledge comes the greater realization: there is a person who wrote his story—a god who created his world.

With this revelation, it is not that Blitz was too late to save his daughter, it is that he was forced by the will of god to be too late to save her. More than that, everything that happened is no longer the fault of anyone in his world—not really. They were all simply following the script of some horrible god—a god that he now has the ability to kill.

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In episode 17, with the final battle begun and everyone on both sides distracted, Blitz finally has the chance to confront Shunma, his creator. Yet, as he enters the locker room where she is taking a smoke break, he finds that she was expecting him. After a bit of grandstanding to show that he has the power in this conversation, he moves on to the question he has to ask: “Why did my daughter have to die like that.”

Her answer is the logical one for a writer: because it made for the best story. To Shuma, that’s all that matters. She’s not Matsubara who would do anything to make sure Selesia wins against all odds or Gai who just lets his world and characters interact naturally. To her, Blitz, his world, and even his daughter are nothing but tools used to excite the imaginations of her audience. She would kill any of them off—or even destroy the world in total—if that would best serve the story she is trying to tell.

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Of course, this enrages Blitz. In his eyes, she is more devil than god—using all he cares about as playthings while not caring about the pain she creates in her wake. But Shuma is no stranger to pain: the artistic pain of working your hardest to create worlds only to have them be shunned and forgotten by readers. The only reason Blitz’s world exists at all is because the readers continue to care about it; there are countless other worlds of hers that never made it that far. If she doesn’t give her all to make the best story she can—regardless of how dark it might become—then that is the true sin.

Blitz is simply unable to comprehend her view—or perhaps he is unable to given his need to blame Shunma and thus absolve himself from what happened. And so he dives into his final speech about how he will kill her, her fellow authors, and then move onto the battlefield himself to help Altair. He then attempts to twist the knife by appealing to her as an author, saying he believes it to be a dark story twist she’d enjoy.

But as Shuma is quick to note, that’s not the most interesting way the story could go. The far better twist would be for her to turn Blitz against Altair.

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Of course, to Blitz, this suggestion is inconceivable. In Altair he sees a kind young girl forced into a hopeless situation by cruel gods—not unlike himself or his own daughter. Unsurprisingly, Altair has filled much of the void in his heart and, outside of giving up his revenge, he would do anything to protect her.

Yet, for the entire confrontation with Shuma, Blitz has been doing his best to ignore one simple fact: Shunma truly is his god. She knows him better than anyone else—even himself. Not only does she finish his sentences from time to time, she leads the conversation in such a way that it keeps her alive until her reinforcements arrive. Despite being the one with the gun, he has never really been the one in control.

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And as soldiers run into the room she reveals her trump card—her way of turning Blitz against Altair. She will give Blitz what he wants most in the world; she will return his daughter to life. In fact, she already has—so confident is she in her knowledge and understanding of how Blitz will react.

It’s not because she’s a kind loving god that she does this for him, but because it will best serve the new story she has created—the story of how our world will be saved. That is simply the kind of god she is. And before her, Blitz never had a chance.

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