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I was a One Piece fan once, but I hadn’t watched the show in thirteen years. So last week, I decided to watch the most recent episode and see what it’s like now.

The last time I watched anything One Piece related was sometime in 2004 when our intrepid hero Monkey D. Luffy and his merry band the Straw Hat Pirates were on Sky Island looking for the One Piece… I guess? They must not have found it because thirteen years later the crew is still on their voyage.

Richard and I were recently talking about One Piece, and let’s just say it didn’t go to far because yours truly hasn’t seen or read the series in many years. So, I thought I’d sit down and watch the most recent episode and check out the series once again. The results were… err… interesting to say the least. Here’s my notes on what I saw in One Piece after a decade-long hiatus from the series.

1 minute 30 seconds (during the opening theme song):
Look’s like Luffy has a tattooed buff form and his hair becomes all pointy? What am I missing? Is he a Super Saiyan now? I though Luffy’s powers are stretching himself like rubber. Turns out rubber can become buff and tattooed, I guess.

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4 minutes 30 seconds:
I needed that quick introduction of the characters. But, who’re Franky and Brook. Just looking at Franky, he’s kind of a buff guy. But, aren’t all the One Piece men generally buff? And Brook is a skeleton with an Afro? Sure, why not. This is a world where the main character has stretching powers and the women have rail thin waists.

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5 minutes 15 seconds:
Wait, Sanji’s getting married? I knew he loved chasing after beautiful women, but why’s he getting married. It couldn’t be because of some past nastification could it?

7 minutes 15 seconds:
Not only does Luffy have a new buff form, he can fly now too! And his punches can bend at sharp angles! Wait, I also hear the clanging of metal. So, Luffy’s new form is rubbery-metal?

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8 minutes 30 seconds:
I just realized this, but are the Straw Hat Pirates on a twisted version of the board game Candy Land (because that’s kind of fun)? You know, except for murder-death candy.

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11 minutes 20 seconds:
Did Chopper’s head grow 3 sizes because I don’t remember it being that big?

13 minutes:
So, Brook is a swordsman? Because he’s holding a guitar in during the opening theme song. I guess Eichiro Oda wanted one “normal” swordsman on the Straw Hat crew.

21 minutes 30 seconds:
I see Sanji’s father (?) kept the all-important Japanese male naming tradition—he just numbered his sons. (In Japanese, Ichi means one, Ni means two, San means three, and Yon means four.)

23 minutes:
What’s this talk about politics at the dinner table? Give me my mindless action of Luffy tearing through enemies yelling “NAKAMAAAAAAAA!”

24 minutes 40 seconds:
I retract my previous statement. That is some good setup to Sanji talking about food. It’s really nice knowing that part of his character is still alive and well.

26 minutes 40 seconds:
Sanji stops a plate of food that’s been thrown at a chef with his hands. That’s new. I thought he was all about that foot action.

29 minutes:
No ending theme song? What happened to you One Piece? You used to be cool and have an ending theme song.

After thirteen years away from the series and watching one episode, One Piece is still weird, but fun. Sure, things have really changed in One Piece—new powers, new characters, new character designs, and many other things—but it looks like the core concept of the story is still there: the bond of comrades. If I want to keep watching the show, though, I’ll really need to brush up on the series and either buy the DVDs or manga.

One Piece is streaming on VIZ (old episodes) and FUNimation (current episodes).

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  1. Although interesting for the location and the antagonist, i consider the Skypea arc the most boring of them all. Also the first big power ups for all the crew is in the next big arc following it. So yeah, you obviously can’t understand what’s happening with Luffy because you skipped not one but 3 power-ups and a 2 years time skip in whiche everyone went separate ways and trained for the second half of the grand line. I don’t want to spoiler you everything and tell what’s happened to them and why Luffy have black parts and that form, I only guarantee you that everything is explained very well in the story and makes sense. It’s not your typical shonen non-sense power-ups for the sake of nakama 😉
    One Piece is a shonen that got always better in time, especially the manga 🙂

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