Seal away your business cards and coins with official Cardcaptor Sakura leather merch!

Leather design brand OJAGA DESIGN is collaborating with CLAMP’s Cardcaptor Sakura franchise to produce a series of cute leather keychains.

The “Sealing Key” can really lock your key away, since now it’s a topper for your house key. This key cap costs 5,000 yen (about USD $45).

You can put your train pass or ID in this Clow Card pass case. This pass case will cost 10,000 yen (about USD $91).

All the Merch of Japan’s Limited-Time Cardcaptor Sakura Store

Or, if you prefer a pink design, the Sakura Card pass case will also cost 10,000 yen (about USD $91).

The Star Rod card case can hold all your business cards. It costs 9,000 yen (about USD $82).

The Star Rod coin case is the perfect place to put your coins to buy capsule toys. It will cost 11,000 yen (about USD $100).

The Kero keychain is the face of Sakura’s beloved fluffy partner. It will cost 4,000 yen (about USD $36).

Get Cute This Spring With Cardcaptor Sakura Yukatas, Phone Cases and More

Discotek has re-released the first Cardcaptor Sakura film on DVD and Blu-ray in North America, while NIS America has re-released the TV series on home video. Crunchyroll is streaming the original TV series with subtitles, an the new television anime taking place after the first anime series will premiere in January 2018. An OVA for the new TV series will be released as a bonus bundled with the third manga volume in Japan on September 13.

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