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Love is built off of time spent together. Would you be able to love someone if that time was taken away from you?

Chronos Ruler (Jikan no Shihaisha) is an anime based off a manga of the same name by Taiwan-born Jea Pon that has been serialized since 2015. It revolves around Victo Putin and Kiri Putin, two boys who look like they could be brothers. However, Victo is Kiri’s father. The reason why Victo looks so young is because his “time” has been stolen from him by time-eating demons, making revert to how he was at a younger age. However, it’s not just his appearance that has been turned back—his memories have also been eaten. While an orb implanted in his chest called the “Vow of Time” holds back the effects of the time-eating demons, his time is turned back further when he manipulates it to fight the very demons who took his time from him in the first place.

Image Source: TVアニメ『時間の支配者』公式 on Twitter

Victo’s time was eaten because of his strong desire to turn back time when his wife died. Angry that he couldn’t protect her, he was a perfect target for the demons. That wife was a woman named Nana. However, while Kiri remembers his mother very clearly, Victo does not, relying on the notes in his diary to tell him more about her. This raises questions when a girl named Mina appears and claims to be Victo’s wife.

Mina, also cursed by the time-eating demons, claims to have come back from the dead due to their curse. She says that she had been looking for her “darling” husband, though the amount of time she searched for him isn’t given. Still, she is ecstatic when they are united. Victo and Kiri, however, do not believe her, and are thus not as overjoyed as she is. Seeing that her own husband and son—or, at least, who she believes to be so—don’t even have her in their line of sight, she is reasonably frustrated and hurt.

What makes Mina such a sympathetic character is that while she is the only one who remembers the bond the had—or, at least, the one they apparently they had—and despite the fact that her so-called husband is blowing her off, Mina doesn’t doubt her feelings for him for a second. Even though he plays along with her lovey-dovey antics, Victo doesn’t believe her feelings at all, and ditches her as soon as he feels danger. It’s only until quite a bit later that he realizes that her affections are real, but all throughout, Mina still loves him despite his cold attitude. It’s so one-sided, but her love doesn’t waver.

Image Source: TVアニメ『時間の支配者』公式 on Twitter

At one point, Mina tells Victo that Victo shouldn’t be obsessed with the past and the contents of the diary. After all, if he can’t remember what’s written in it, those memories aren’t even his—they might not even be as important to him as he has forced himself to believe by relying on the book. Mina encourages Victo to live his life with her not for the past they had together, but for the future that awaits for them. If you think about this closely, this is a big sacrifice on Mina’s part. Instead of looking for the time-eating demon that stole her time, Mina offers to give Victo normalcy and happiness. Hell, at one point she even puts her own life (and one of her legs) at risk in order to save him from her sister.

Image Source: TVアニメ『時間の支配者』公式 on Twitter

It’s because of this dedication and unstopping love despite Victo not believing in her that leads him to finally accept her feelings. Even without his memories, like a married couple, the two form a bond of trust that exists even during the most uncertain of times. I can’t wait to see how Mina and Victo’s past will be further unveiled as the series progresses.

Chronos Ruler is streaming on Crunchyroll with subtitles, and on FUNimation with an English dub.

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