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Even in Japan, little kids have an obsession with potty humor. The new short anime Oshiri Tantei—lit. “Butt Detective”—feeds those needs with a butt-faced protagonist who fights a villain who is literally a poopy head.

The Oshiri Tantei series of children’s books by author and illustrator Tororu that has been published in Japan since 2012. To put it simply, it follows a detective with the face of a human buttocks who solves mysteries with Brown, a little brown bear who works as his assistant. Cases they embark on include trying to find a rainbow diamond, looking for the perp who stole a lunch box on a train, and protecting treasure from a dastardly thief. And, to make things even more hilarious, it appears as if his greatest enemy is named “Mysterious Thief U,” with “U” standing for “unko”—the Japanese word for “poop.” Yes. Really. This thief’s head is even topped with a poop hat and he uses toilet paper and poop-filled fireworks as a weapon (you can see him in the video below).

While our Butt Detective is always suave and cool, he has an extremely vile weapon at his disposal to crack (get it?) his cases: farts. Yes, while he usually acts like a human, we must not forget that Butt Detective is in fact, a walking, talking anus. And when he finishes off his opponent, he blows out another little fart like a hard-boiled detective taking a puff of his favorite cigarette.

The first full episode of Oshiri Tantei, titled “Tuk-tuk Chase in a Port Town,” premiered just this week, and follows Butt Detective and his assistant Brown. After receiving a mysterious letter with the word SOS and a map, the two embark on a journey to rescue their client. However, while waiting at a port to switch over to another ship, their luggage is stolen, along with Brown himself in the process. In order to chase after the thief, Butt Detective hitches a ride on a “tuk-tuk,” also known as an automated rickshaw. In order to immobilize the thief after a short chase, Butt Detective releases flatulance from his face and spouts off his famous catchphrase: “Does my butt smell?”

The end of the episode encourages kids to go back through the video and pause the video to play the puzzle games prepared in the footage, including a game in which players must find the parents of the platypi children running around on the boat and a maze game. To compare it to Western children shows, Oshiri Tantei appears to be something like the Where’s Waldo? animated series.

It’s obvious to see why this series exists—parents will do anything to get their children to read books. Just like Captain Underpants in the United States, innocent books with stupid humor and slightly naughty themes are popular amongst kids in japan. One of the more popular children’s books with a potty humor theme—Unko Kanji Drill—teaches kids kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing) using sentences all using the word “poop.” The character has even had somewhat of a cultural influence, with goods and food based on the character being available at the Namja Town indoor theme park for a limited time.

Oshiri Tantei is just as—if not more—popular, with over 1.5 million copies of the storybooks sold in Japan alone. And with new episodes on the way, it looks like there will be plenty of potty humor for kids to enjoy in the future.

Oshiri Tantei is streaming with a region lock on YouTube, but there are no subtitles.

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