Wonder Festival 2017 [Summer], on July 30, 2017, wasn’t all about figures. There was also a healthy dose of cosplayers all over the convention halls.

Wonder Festival, popularly known as Wonfes, is a figure and garage kit event that happens every February and August at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center. While its main focus is models, garage kits, and figures, cosplayers gather to show off their craft as well. Here’s some of the cosplayers we saw at the event.

Nerv Solider from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Cosplayer: Koji Koji

Spiderman from The Amazing Spiderman. Cosplayer: Asakusa Mikki

Kamen Rider 1 from Kamen Rider. Cosplayer: Kohakumeka

Bridget from Guilty Gear. Cosplayer: Shiu

Russian soldiers. Cosplayer: Ivica Kosović

Genome soldier from Metal Gear game series. Cosplayer: Miyarai

Donald J. Trump. Cosplayer: Mao Jambalaya

Terrestrial Defense Force member from Ultra Seven. Cosplayer: Yasushi Shiroi

You Watanabe from Love Live! Sunshine and Ultraman from Ultraman. Cosplayers: Hasehanna, Furedei

Lunch and Chichi from Dragon Ball. Cosplayers: Meiko, Masamin

Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII. Cosplayer: kinu zero

Yuya Mirokuji from Re:creators. Cosplayer: @yu

Ninja Slayer/Fujikido Kenji from Ninja Slayer. Cosplayer: zerosuke

Shimazu Toyohisa from Samurai Warriors 4. Cosplayer: Yang

Serval from Kemono Friends. Cosplayer: Yazawa Madoka

Gretel from Sinoalice. Cosplayer: Kurea

Doremi Harukaze from Ojamajo Doremi, Ranka Lee from Macross F, and Cure Whip from Pretty Cure A La Mode. Cosplayers: Hibikinanahoshi, Shogetsu (Ranka Lee

Liz and Patty Tomson from Soul Eater. Cosplayers: lilita, fumidori yukiwo

Arale Norimaki from Dr. Slump. Cosplayer: Okaki Kanno

Sagiri Izumi from Eromanga Sensei. Cosplayer: Remu

Kimimaro from Naruto. Cosplayer: el

Hero from Dragon Quest XI. Cosplayer: Riraso

Deadpool from Deadpool. Cosplayer: Jyatei

Here are a few more who didn’t have social media accounts or didn’t have a cosplay business card on hand.

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