While upcoming anime film Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution I is predominantly a recap film of the 2005 series, it does have some new parts—including a brand new prequel story.


Hit anime Eureka Seven is the story of Renton Thurston, the mysterious mecha pilot Eureka, and their world-changing adventures across a planet where people fight in giant robots that surf through the air.

Now, twelve years later, three films are being released under the the name Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution. This past week, Anime Now! got the chance to see the first of these, Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution I, at a special press screening in Tokyo.

The vast majority of the film is a remastered recap of the TV series, complete with 4:3 format. It mostly jumps back and forth across episodes 19-24, showcasing the key moments of Renton’s relationship with Charles and Ray Beams—as well as the events that led them to meet. Outside of that, there are also a few brief flashes back to the first episode of the series that serve as an introduction to Renton.

Bookending this series of remastered flashbacks is a short new scene set between episodes 24 and 25. It follows Renton shortly after his parting ways with Charles and Ray and shows his encounter with a pack of feral dogs.

The other, much meatier, section of new animation comes right at the beginning of the film (and is largely unrelated to the classic footage that follows).


While we learn a lot about the events that set the stage Eureka Seven, we see little of these events on screen in the TV anime. Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution I rectifies this omission by showing the First Summer of Love in all its glory.

Instead of following a single main character, this prologue story simply shows the events that day, jumping between the characters that will one day be key figures in the TV anime proper—including everyone from Adrock and Eureka to the council that rules humanity. In this way we are able to see the event from a more objective angle while still being able to personally care about the majority of those involved.


The other major new addition in Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution I is the inclusion of pop-up text detailing the history of nearly every character, location, and piece of technology that appears on screen. This is included in both the new sections of the film as well as the recap sections. On one hand, this means that many massive plot spoilers for the TV show are shown right up front. On the other, it gives a little bit more depth to the world for anyone with a deep interest in Eureka Seven’s lore.


And really, that’s who Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution I is for: long-time fans. You come, get a new prologue story and then watch one of the series’ most emotional arcs re-cut and remastered for nostalgia’s sake.

Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution I will be released in Japanese theaters on September 16, 2017. There will be a special screening of the film at Otakon on August 12, 2017.

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  1. Long-time fans should know better than to get baited with a cheap reedit especially after AO betrayalthon.

  2. I’m… shocked to hear about the 4:3 remastered footage (especially for a majority of the film??) . I have not heard this information anywhere else – could you please provide more details perhaps of when the screening took place, where in Tokyo etc?

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