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What do you do when your entire anime is built on pervy jokes and you get a movie? Simple: you make pervy jokes for an hour straight.

Seitokai Yakuindomo—lit. “The Fellows of the Student Council”—only had its second season streamed outside of Japan. In contrast to its largely tame visuals, it is an anime filled with raunchy, raunchy double entendres. Despite its lack of international exposure, the anime has a decent-sized fan base amongst Japanese otaku.

The anime adapts a four-panel comedy manga of the same name and takes place at Osai Academy, a former all-girls private high school that has just become co-ed. Takatoshi, a male student who has chosen to attend Osai because of its distance from his house, somehow ends up as a member of the four-member student council.

Of course, the other three members of the council are girls: Shino, the beautiful black-haired president; Aria, the daughter of a rich family; and Suzu, a genius who just happens to be a bit shorter than average. Together, they perform the duties of the student council in order to make the school a better place for everyone.

While it sounds like a normal premise, perhaps it’s because Osai is a former girls’ school, but nearly all of its female students are obsessed with sex. Or, rather, the idea of sex. None of the students in the anime appear to have any sort of sexual experience whatsoever, but talk about sex toys, S&M, and voyeurism. While there is never any blatant nudity or actual sexual acts, there are depictions of things like dildos (seriously—one of the genius inventor students at the school has devoted her life to making bigger and better dildos). But there is little to no fan service, which makes it fairly easy to watch for both men and women, surprisingly.

This one-hour “movie” is basically just an extension to the two TV series and various OVAs attached to the volumes of the manga. Seitokai Yakuindomo doesn’t really have a running plot, anyway—it’s just short anecdotes about the daily lives of the student council. Therefore, anything is possible. One moment, we could be seeing Shino eating dinner over at Takatoshi’s house on a rainy day, and the next, Takatoshi’s entire class could be on a trip to the beach. It’s only near the end of the film (it’s literally the last ten minutes) that anything resembling a movie plot comes into play—and it’s the one previewed in the movie’s main trailer (seen above).

What moves this anime is not the story, but instead the characters. What makes the dynamic of Seitokai Yakuindomo interesting is that Takatoshi isn’t a perverted douche who is constantly having nosebleeds at the girls around him making dirty jokes. He’s fairly normal and a pretty decent guy at that. He makes jabs at upperclassmen Shino and Aria’s antics alongside the other non-sex-crazed member of the council, Suzu, but is normally soft-spoken and kind. The contrast between the down-to-earth attitudes of half of the council compared to the other half is what makes Seitokai Yakuindomo’s main cast work, and that doesn’t change in the film. The film also gives time to the other characters of the series, and since it’s been quite a while since the manga has been animated, it was like reuniting with old friends.

The Seitokai Yakuindomo “movie” is so short and so much of the same—including story structure, visuals, and music—that I’d honestly be tempted to call it a “long OVA” instead. However, it’s more of exactly the same funny characters and sexual innuendo comedy from the TV series, and it’s completely welcome. Fans of the show will enjoy this continuation of the raunchy comedy, while newcomers can come in with little to no knowledge. If you’re looking for a laugh from blatant pervy humor this summer, the members of the student council may be able to help.

The Seitokai Yakuindomo movie opened in Japan in select theaters on July 21. There is no word of an international release. The second season of Seitokai Yakuindomo is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

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