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Ever want to chill out and watch some anime with everyone’s favorite little-girl vampire? Well thanks to VR, you can—and for free.

With the release of the final Kizumonogatari Blu-ray here in Japan, a fun little tie-in app has appeared on the PSN for anyone with a PlayStation VR to try out for free.

Kizumonogatari VR begins by loading you into the classroom that Shinobu, Araragi, and Oshino spend much of their time in during the the film trilogy. You sit at one of the desks in the front row, looking at the blackboard. Of course, while you can look around at the room in full, the most interesting thing is sitting to your immediate right: Shinobu herself.

Image source: 面白法人カヤック on Twitter

After some banter, she tells you to pick up the mysterious remote sitting on the desk in front of you. Of course, if you want to have some fun, you can always not do that and instead look more at the room in general or Shinobu in specific—the latter of which will annoy her, especially if you get too close.

By picking up the remote and pushing the button on it, you start the experience proper. One by one, you and Shinobu watch the various fight scenes in the Kizumonogatari trilogy as she lays down the occasional commentary.

Image source: 面白法人カヤック on Twitter

While you begin by simply watching the scene on the chalkboard in front of you, the experience gets more and more surreal as it goes on. At first, it’s tiny things, like the walls all becoming screens. But before long you are transported to the places where the fights take place, watching the fight scenes projected in puddles of rainwater—or flying through psychotic tunnels of the film like in old school Willy Wonka.

Image source: 面白法人カヤック on Twitter

All in all, the whole experience takes no more than ten minutes even if you mess around a bit before starting. But even then, it’s worth doing the whole thing more than once—once to watch the film scenes and the other to watch Shinobu’s reactions.

If you have a PlayStation VR and a Japanese PSN account, you can download Kizumonogatari VR for free here.

Kizumonogatari VR was released on July 12, 2017. It is currently only available on the Japanese PlayStation Network.

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