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The English version of Fate/Grand Order recently saw the limited addition of Gilgamesh to the summoning pool. While fans of the King of Heroes probably did their best to obtain him, as is the nature of random draws, not everyone who wanted him was so lucky. But fear not; as advantageous as having a higher rarity Servant is in combat, there are plenty of lower rarity Servants who can get the job done.

The Servants in Fate/Grand Order are ranked in terms of their rarity from the most common (1-star) to the rarest (5-star). Obviously, the rarer Servants have better overall stats. But just because a Servant is a 1-star doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their place among the other Heroic Spirits. Every Servant, if used properly, can prove extremely useful in combat.

In addition to combat usefulness, lower rarity Servants have the tactical advantage of having lower costs, meaning you can more easily fit them into your party or have them equip more powerful Craft Essences. Also, because they’re more common, you’re more likely to obtain more duplicates allowing for their Noble Phantasms to level up much faster than your 4-star or 5-star Servants—and some of the lower rarity Servants have pretty amazing Noble Phantasms.

So while you’re waiting for some of the better or game-breaking *cough*Merlin*cough* Servants to be added to the game, here are a list of some of the more useful easily obtainable ones.

Twelve Upcoming Servants You Should Save Up for in Fate/Grand Order

Saber Class

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Gaius Julius Caesar (3-star)

Why You Need This Servant: The Saber class is the only one of the main seven classes where there are no Servants of rarity 2-star or lower—this still remains true in the Japanese version as well. This means that you better pray you get a Saber in your first mandatory summoning roll or fighting Lancers is going to become pretty tedious down the line. That said, of the two 3-star Sabers currently available, despite any negative reactions to his rather voluminous countenance, Caesar is the one to get. With skills to boost the attack and Noble Phantasms of his allies and a hefty single-target, anti-personnel Noble Phantasm, the Roman dictator is also a decent star-generating Saber. While he comes in a little short on the defense side of things, with the proper support or Craft Essences, he can prove vital in various situations. Veni, vidi, vici.

Archer Class

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Arash (1-star)

Why You Need This Servant: The good news is that as a 1-star Servant, Arash is extremely easy to obtain and to level his Noble Phantasm. The bad news is that as a 1-star Servant, his stats are pretty low. The good news is his Noble Phantasm is extremely powerful. The bad news is that using his Noble Phantasm kills him instantly. The good news is that this feature makes his tactically useful in various circumstances. Basically, Arash is a disposable weapon, dealing devastating amounts of damage to his enemies before stepping aside for the backup Servants to clean house. When you get him—and you will—hold onto him. Level him properly and you’ll see that he’s a Servant whose strengths can be utilized to the fullest.

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Robin Hood (3-star)

Why You Need This Servant: In terms of overall stats, the “Faceless King” is actually fairly average. Where he really shines is in his Noble Phantasm. In a word, Robin is “broken.” His Noble Phantasm deals bonus damage to enemies that have been poisoned. This bonus is so powerful that the damage it deals will rival that of some of the most powerful 5-star Servants. Originally, Robin’s Noble Phantasm also poisoned enemies, making it an all-in-one damage cannon. Even after they “fixed” him by separating the poison effects from his Noble Phantasm, he still has a skill that will poison enemies, so it’s just an extra step. He is a must-have when fighting Saber class bosses.

Lancer Class

Cu Chulainn (3-star)

Why You Need This Servant: The “unkillable” Cu. All of his skills are specifically to increase his survivability on the battlefield. With 1) a guts skill to bring him back from the dead, 2) an evade skill that dodges three attacks and increases his defense, and 3) a self-heal that heals and removes debuffs, Cu is one of the most persistent Servants in the game. Used properly, you will end up with numerous cases where Servants are dropping like flies while Cu remains.

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Leonidas I (2-star)

Why You Need This Servant: THIS IS SPARTA. Tank characters in Fate/Grand Order are few and often extremely useful. Not only does Leonidas I comes equipped with a skill to draw enemy fire, but his Noble Phantasm also has the same effect as well. While he does have decent attack stats and his eventual third skill buffs his buster card attacks, his main purpose will be to draw enemies’ attention away from your more “squishy” Servants so that they can do their thing. A vital unit for surviving through some hairy situations.

Rider Class

Georgios (2-star)

Why You Need This Servant: Much like Leonidas I, Georgios is a useful tank character. Georgios’ skill to draw enemy attacks lasts for three whole turns, which means that if you can get him to survive those three turns, your other Servants will be relatively safe from damage. However, while he excels on the defense side, his attack power leaves much to be desired. Be sure to have proper attackers in your party when using him.

Georgios’ Noble Phantasm also has the interesting feature of giving enemies a dragon trait, so while he works well with dragon-slayer Servants—or rather, a dragon-slayer Servant—it’s rather circumstantial.

Image source: 【公式】Fate/Grand Order‏認証済みアカウント on Twitter

Ushiwakamaru (3-star)

Why You Need This Servant: A well-balanced fighter, Ushiwakamaru works well as both an attacker and a buffer. She’s in some ways, a scaled-down Ozymandias. She’s also one of the few Rider-class servants who can eventually learn an evade skill, increasing her survivability. Of the lower-rarity Servants, once obtained, she will quickly prove handy as a reliable damage-dealer—especially in terms of her incredible powerful single-target Noble Phantasm.

Caster Class

Hans Christian Andersen (2-star)

Why You Need This Servant: Hans Christian Andersen boasts an unbelievably good NP gain allowing him to use his Noble Phantasm with almost alarming frequency. Not only does said NP restore 1000 HP (at minimum) per turn for three turns for the whole party, it also has a high chance of boosting attack, defense, or both on your party for three turns at well. Hans is hands-down one of the best low-rarity characters to have.

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Medea (3-star)

Why You Need This Servant: While, as a Caster, Medea doesn’t have a very high attack stat, she more than makes up for it with her ability to rapid-fire her Noble Phantasm like crazy. The first skill she comes with will increase her NP by 80% at level one. At level four, it will increase her NP by over 100%, making it an instant easy Noble Phantasm switch. Her Noble Phantasm, while being single-target and not super high on damage, will also remove any pesky buffs from enemies making them much, much easier to kill.

Assassin Class

Hassan of the Cursed Arm (2-star)

Why You Need This Servant: The best star generator of the low-rarity characters, Hassan will quickly become a regular member in battles once obtained. His Noble Phantasm also has a high chance of instantly killing enemies, making it an essential part of clearing out minions. Unfortunately, as Servants have a higher resistance to instant death than monster or normal humans, Hassan’s usefulness decreases somewhat in boss battles. Still, he does a decent amount of damage and his star generation more than makes up for any drawbacks.

Berserker Class

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Asterios (1-star)

Why You Need This Servant: While his inherent frailty as a Berserker may require some backup support, what sets him apart is his NP. It debuffs all enemies’ attack stat by 20% and defense by 30% at level five—for six whole turns. (And if the US game follows the path of the Japanese one, you’ll soon be able to upgrade his NP to drop the enemies’ attack and defense by an additional 40% for the first turn.) In addition to all that, his self-buffing skills allow him to perform short bursts of heavy damage.

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Kiyohime (3-star)

Why You Need This Servant: The yandere dragon queen, Kiyohime scores few hits with her attacks—a common weakness of a lot of early Servants in the game—so her star generation is rather low. On the flip side, her NP gain from both her Arts and Quick attacks is fairly good so it’s not too hard to have her Noble Phantasm ready rather early on. Her Noble Phantasm not only has a chance to stun enemies but also burns them, giving them continuous damage for ten turns. Overall, Kiyohime is good for fighting minions, using her Noble Phantasm to clear the path to the boss. Also, being the free reward for clearing story chapter one means that Kiyohime is a lot easier to obtain than other 3-star Servants.

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Lu Bu Fengxian (3-star)

Why You Need This Servant: While Kiyohime is good for clearing the path to the boss, Lu Bu is good for fighting the boss. A reliable attacker, Lu Bu’s skills, while somewhat tricky to use at times, work to maximize his damage. His Noble Phantasm also ignores any defense buffs for pure direct damage.

Shielder Class

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Mash Kyrielight

Why You Need This Servant: As the heroine of the game, Mash doesn’t start out as much, but through the course of the story, she will grow to be an invaluable support character—especially once you level up her skills. She is also the only Servant in the game who does not receive extra damage from Berserkers. She also is the only Servant who can be added to your party for no cost whatsoever, freeing up space for higher-cost Servants and Craft Essences.

Currently, due to story limitations, she can only be ascended to her first ascension. It’s a gradual process, but as more chapters are released and her skills develop, she will grow to become the best tank in the game.

These aren’t all of the lower-rarity Servants, and there are others with their own distinct tactical advantages with more to come as more Servants are added to the summoning pool. Feel free to mention your favorites in the comments.

Compared to the 4-star and 5-star Servants, the low-rarity Servants may seem lacking. However, properly leveled, they can be a formidable force against even some of the tougher bosses. Not only that, but most of them will receive power-ups down the line. While it’s obviously tactically easier to line your party with the rarer, more powerful Servants and brute force your way through fights, using combinations of different rarity Servants can often yield more efficient ways through difficult situations. The mark of a good Master is to know when to use which Servant.

As a side note, for those who are curious, it is possible to clear the main story of the game without summoning a single 5-star Servant. I do know of a person who flatly refused to use any of his Saint Quartz for summoning and managed to get through the main story with just Friend Point summons (the 4-star Servant he got from the first mandatory 10 roll was Hercules). It’s not easy, but it is possible.

Fate/Grand Order can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. The anime special inspired by the game—Fate/Grand Order -First Order—can be viewed with English subtitles on DaisukiCrunchyroll, and AnimeLab.

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  1. By main story you mean until the 7th singularity?

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