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The third episode of Knight’s & Magic shows us building a giant robot isn’t an easy task. In fact, there’s a lot of research, development, and testing that goes into building one robot.

After defeating the fearsome beast Behemoth, our hero Ernesti “Eru” Echevallia is granted one request by the King. Eru takes this opportunity to ask the King for permission to build a custom Silhouette Knight—a mecha. When that wish is granted, Eru vigorously takes to the task. But, we’re not instantly shown the final product. Instead, we’re treated to the research and development of a refurbished Silhouette Knight.

What great about seeing Eru go through the process of making a custom Silhouette Knight is the fact it’s not an easy process. He not only has to design a Silhouette Knight, but also has to procure parts, build it, and test it. What’s more, he doesn’t start by building a Silhouette Knight for himself, but first and opts to refurbish a damaged one. In this way we’re seeing a setup for Eru’s eventual goal. For instance, early in the episode, Eru and his team are discussing the functionality of the current Silhouette Knights through their design. Eru brings up the subject that the amount of time used to switch between weapons is long.

Image source: 「ナイツ&マジック」TVアニメ公式 on Twitter

It’s a short discussion point, but it helps highlight some of the inherent flaws of the Silhouette Knights. It’s not Eru saying I want this or that on my machine, but him and his team sitting down and pondering what can be done to improve the current Silhouette Knights. From that point, Eru can then say in the future, “Let’s take this design and streamline it for my machine” because he has a prototype to work with.

As much as the design talk in the episode is interesting, it’s actually the discussion about the inner workings of the Silhouette Knights that’s the most captivating. This pertains to one part in particular: the tensile strength of fibrous material called Crystal Tissue. While at first it may not seem like an issue for the viewers, it’s shown how the Tissue took most of the damage when Eru fought the Behemoth. As a key component to the Silhouette Knights, this is something Eru has to deal with or else all his plans could be dashed. And dealt with it is. Yet, the solution during one test destroys a limb of the Silhouette Knight that’s being refurbished.

Image source: 「ナイツ&マジック」TVアニメ公式 on Twitter

It’s the process of trial and error seen throughout the episode that shows us exactly how difficult the process of building a new Silhouette Knight is. The ideas put forward are all innovative, but until they’re all tested multiple times it can’t be said the machine is a success. And this can’t be stressed enough because Eru isn’t just refurbishing Silhouette Knights: His ultimate goal is to make a custom one. So, he needs these test cases to make sure when he sets on his actual task he’s not just asking for outlandish things. Even the final test of the refurbished Silhouette Knight is essentially a test bed to see what flaws there are in the final product in a controlled situation.

We rarely see something like this in a robot anime. So, by adding this small detail to the development of a new Silhouette Knight in Knight’s & Magic makes the entire process feel grounded and keeps us interested in seeing Eru go through the process even further to perfect his designs and put them to use in his own machine.

The developmental process of new weapons in anime can seem dull at first. But, when we given the right incentives it can be incredibly fun to watch. Knights & Magic does this with the first Silhouette Knight Eru designs and refurbishes.

Knight’s & Magic is streaming on Crunchyroll with subtitles and dubbed on FUNimation.

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  1. Knight’s & Magic has a lot in common with hard science fiction. Hard SF is typically more about scientific insight, engineering and how technology impacts our lives than it is about flashy battles. While the technology in the show is pure fantasy rather than speculative fiction, that basic focus is there and it’s a rare treat.

  2. So.. Isekai Robotics;Notes :p

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