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The Rage of Bahamut anime franchise is full of names from mythology and literature. Some of the names even have interesting meanings and historical references.

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis follows a man named Favaro Leone as he begrudgingly escorts the woman Amira to the northern lands of Helheim. But angels, demons, and humans are looking for Amira because she is the key to reviving the dragon Bahamut. Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul follows the events ten years after Genesis. Peace has returned to the Kingdom of Mistarica. But, that peace was built on the backs of enslaved demons. In order to free his people, the demon lord Azazel is murdering those who sell or experiment on demons.

This guide will show you the origins of the names of characters and places in the Rage of Bahamut anime franchise.


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Favaro Leone: The main character in Genesis, his name “Favaro” comes from an Italian surname. It means craftsman. Likewise, “Leone” is also an Italian and French names that means, “lion.”

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Kaisar Lidfard: Favaro’s partner in Genesis and the head of the King’s private guard in Virgin Soul. His first name comes from the German word Kaiser which means, “Emperor.” The origin of Kaiser is likewise from the last name of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

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Amira: Amira is the heroine of Genesis and her name means “Rich/Princess” in Hebrew.

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Rita: One of Kaisar’s companions in Genesis and later a doctor in Virgin Soul, Rita is short for Margarita—“daisy flow” in Italian. Margarita has origins in the name Margaret.

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Nina Drango: The main character of Virgin Soul, Nina’s name comes from Russian and means “Dreamer” or “Dream” in the Slavic language.

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Jeanne D’arc: A warrior blessed by the Angels, she is named after the 100 Years’ War French heroine Joan of Arc. The real Joan of Arc claimed to have received visions from the Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine of Alexadria and was told to join the forces of King Charles VII. On May 23, 1430 she was captured by English forces and later tried and burned at the stake.

Lavalley: The right-hand of Jeanne D’arc, Lavalley is a French surname from Brittany meaning, “Valley.”

Golan: Golan is the second in command of the Knights of Orléans. Historically, there was a biblical city by that name and even now the Golan Heights exist in Israel and Syria.

Amon: Amon was a friend of Favaro’s father. In ancient mythology, Amon is a demon from the Lesser Keys of Solomon. Amon is the Grand Marquis of Hell and the seventh spirit of Goetia.

Dias Bardolomew: Kaiser’s sub-commander in Virgin Soul. In Christianity the name Bartholomew comes from Bartholomew the Apostle, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.


Zeus: The absent King of Gods in Genesis. Zeus was the sky and thunder god from Ancient Greek Mythology. Zeus was also ruled over all the Ancient Greek Gods.

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El/Mugaro: The assistant to Azazel in Virgin Soul. The word El has it’s roots in the Northwest Semitic language and the term is used to denote gods, including Hadad, Moloch, or Yahweh.

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Bacchus: The drunken god who pays bounty hunters in the Rage of Bahamut franchise. In mythology, Bacchus was the Ancient Greek god Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest, wine-making and wine, of ritual madness, fertility, theater, and religious ecstasy before being renamed Bacchus by the Ancient Romans.

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Hamsa: Bacchus’s duck traveling partner. A Hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet popular in the Middle East and North Africa. It’s believed to be a ward against the, “evil eye.”

Gabriel: The ruling angel in Zeus’s absence in Genesis. Gabriel is one of the archangel’s from the Abrahamic religions. His name means “God is my strength.” The angel Gabriel typically servers as Gods messenger to humans.

Michael: The angel of war Genesis. An archangel of the same name appears in the Abrahamic religions. The Archangel Michael serves as the leader of all the angels not Gabriel.

Raphael: The angel of healing Genesis. Raphael is commonly associated with the archangel Raphael from the Abrahamic religions. In Hebrew his name means: “It is God who heals,” “God Heals,” and “God, Please Heal.” Because of this, Raphael is the Archangel of healing.

Uriel: The angel of love Genesis. Uriel is an archangel from the Abrahamic religions. In Hebrew his name means, “God is my Light.”

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Sofiel: A protégé of Gabriel in Virgin Soul. Sofiel is the name of the angel of nature, vegetables, and forests.


Satan: The absent King of Demons in Genesis. Satan is the figure who tempts humans into sin and evil in the Abrahamic religions. In Hebrew Satan means: “Astray,” “Temptations,” and “Devil.”

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Azazel: A demon lord in Genesis and terrorist in Virgin Soul. Azazel is the Scapegoat Rite of Abrahamic religions. The Scapegoat Rite comes from the Book of Leviticus and is a practice where a goat is sent into the desert with the sins of the community as a sacrifice to God. In some branches of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Azazel is also a term to denote a fallen angel and means, “for absolute removal.”

Lucifer: A fallen angel and leader of the demons in Satan’s absence in Genesis. Lucifer is an Archangel from Christianity. His name is translated to, “Bringer of Dawn,” and “Morning Star” from Greek and Latin. In Christianity Lucifer is commonly associated as a fallen angel and an alternate name of Satan (the Devil).

Belzebuth: A demon lord with great ambitions from Genesis. In the Abrahamic religions there is a winged demon named Beelzebub . Beelzebub’s name originates from a Philistine god Ba’al, and means, “Lord” in the Northern Semitic language.

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Martinet: The follower of Belzebuth. A Martinet short multi-tailed whip used in France to punish people.

Pazuzu: A demon who follows Azazel in Genesis. In Ancient Babylon mythology Pazuzu is the king of wind demons.

Cerberus: A demon who helps Azazel find Amira in Genesis. Cerberus is the three-headed guard dog of the underworld Hades Ancient Greek mythology. Cerberus is also known as the, “Hounds of Hades.”


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Bahamut: The dragon that has been sealed by humans, angels, and demons in Genesis. Bahamut comes from the giant fish that carries the world from Ancient Arabian Mythology.

Places and Groups

Helheim: The land where Amira wants to go to in Genesis. In Greenland there is a glacier called the Helheim Glaciers. The Glaciers themselves are named after world of the dead and the Goddess associated with it in Norse mythology.

Knights of Orléans: The Knights server the Kingdom of Mistarica. There is a French City with the same name where the real life Joan of Arc fought in the Siege of Orléans.

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, FUNimation, and Hulu.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul is streaming on Amazon Strike.

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