The first half of 2017 is already over, and Japanese online digital book retailer Renta! has announced the top-selling manga for the period between January and June 2017. As of 2017, Renta! has over three million registered users, giving these results a little more weight than your average poll. Some are titles already turned into anime, but some haven’t gotten the animation treatment yet.

Here are the top three of each big demographic.

Shōjo Manga

1) Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Love is Hard for Otaku)
Author: Fujita
Publisher: Ichijinsha
Summary: A female office worker who loves anime and video games reunites with her old classmate (who is also an otaku) and they begin to date.

2) Majime Dakedo, Shitain desu! (I’m a Serious Person, but I Want to Do it!)
Author: Low Kamura
Publisher: IMA
Summary: A timid high school girl and boy are dating each other and both want to take the next step in their relationship by holding hands, but their relationship suddenly rockets forward when the girlfriend makes the first move and kisses him.

3) Ochinai Hanayome (The Bride Who Won’t Break Down)
Author: Shinkaigyo
Publisher: Shogakukan
Summary: A collection of lovey-dovey stories about a woman living a passionate married life with her husband.

Shonen Manga

1) The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Mahō Tsukai no Yome)
Author: Kore Yamazaki
Publisher: Mag Garden
Summary: After years of neglect and abuse, a slave girl who can see things others can’t is freed by a great sorcerer and is taken in as his apprentice—and his bride-to-be.

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2) Regarding Reincarnation as Slime (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken)
Authors: Fuse (original author), Mitz Vah (original artist), Taiki Kawakami
Publisher: Kodansha
Summary: A 37-year old man who is unsatisfied with his life is given a chance to live a new world when he is killed by a burglar—not as a human, but as a slime.

3) Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Author: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: Kodansha
Summary: Humanity hides away from violent titans in a city surrounded by giant walls—but a group of young, brave warriors attempt to fight back.

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Josei Manga

1) Bishū no Daichi ~Fukushū no Tame ni Kao wo Suteta Onna~ (A Land of Beauty ~The Woman Who Threw Away Her Face for Revenge)
Author: Naomi Fujimori
Publisher: Bunkasha
Summary: A girl who lost everything because of her bullies gets plastic surgery to change her face and get revenge on those who wronged her.

2) Tokyo Tarareba Girls (Tokyo Tarareba Musume)
Author: Naomi Fujimori
Publisher: Kodansha
Summary: After a handsome man cuts in on a bitching session over drinks between three girls in their 30s, the heroine decides that she’ll get married by 2020, no matter what.

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3) Urareteshimatta Watashi ~Sei Higai no Ko~ (I Was Sold ~A Child of Sexual Abuse~)
Author: Piyoko Marui
Publisher: Bunkasha
Summary: After being tricked by her mother to pose for photos used by pedophiles and other horrible incidents, a little girl loses the will to live.

Seinen Manga

1) Tōmei Iro Ito Denwa (Transparent String Telephone)
Author: Omame Tsukino
Publisher: Shonengahosha
Summary: This is a pure romance story between a male widow and a voluptuous, down-to-earth librarian.

2) Shokuryō Jinrui -Starving Anonymous- (Ration Humanity -Starving Anonymous-)
Author: Yū Kuraishi
Publisher: Kodansha
Summary: On the way home from school, a boy is knocked out by sleeping gas, and when he wakes up in an unknown location, the survivors there are dismembering and eating other humans.

3) Gift±
Author: Yuka Nagate
Publisher: Nihon Bungeisha
Summary: A high school girl is an assassin involved in the organ trade.

Both Attack on Titan and The Ancient Magus’ Bride are available to watch on Crunchyroll. The Regarding Reincarnation as Slime novel series is available in English from Yen Press.

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