It’s summer, and it might be time to cool down and relax with some of our favorite skater boys. Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district is currently collaborating with the Yuri!!! On ICE anime to create some extremely otaku hotel rooms that fans can actually stay in.

The main room of the “Panorama Triple Room” seen above is decorated with a mural of the anime’s key visual, an original tablecloth, as well as pillows with original super-deformed illustrations of the characters drawn specifically for the collaboration.

The coffee area has a special attendant waiting to take your order.

Visitors can write their memories of the hotel room in this adorable notebook.

The wall is decorated with an anime illustration featuring the three main characters.

If you need something to watch, the room has the full home video set of the anime for you. And, if you get a little sniffly watching the more emotional moments, there’s a Makkachin tissue box to wipe your teardrops away.

The bedroom has three sexy boys waiting for you to jump under the covers: Japanese Yuri, Russian Yuri, and Viktor.

Hug Your Favorite Yuri!!! on ICE Boy with These Body Pillow Covers

Pull back the sexy blankets to find a cute bed cover.

This room’s posters feature illustrations of the characters working at the hotel’s restaurant.

Attendants are waiting all around the room—including at the lamps—to make your stay a more comfortable one.

The couch near the wall is decorated with pillows representing the characters, celebratory bouquets, as well as wallpaper that is made to look like the sponsor posters that are put around the ice skating rink during competitions. If you’re up to snuff on your international languages, you’ll notice that some of the “sponsors” read “amazing,” “do your best,” and “thank you.”

The walls are printed with screenshots from the anime, and snowflakes hang in the air.

The bathroom recreates Yuri’s family’s bathhouse, “Utopia Katsuki.”

Stay in Yorozuya Style with the Official Gintama Hotel Room

The “Panorama Twin Room” is a bit smaller, but can fit two people.

Teeny little hotel staff will watch over you.

If you want to read a book at the table, the sofa has three pillows with the characters in their waiter uniforms.

Here’s a wide shot of the room.

Makkachin with an adorable bellboy hat will see you out when you’re ready to go.

All rooms feature an image of Yuri Katsuki in a bellhop outfit on the door.

Fans that stay in the rooms will get a special goods set, including a set of three bookmarks, a place mat, a plastic figure stand, and a message card.

The Cuteness of Yuri!!! On ICE Continues with Adorable Dog Plushies, Heart Badges

Unfortunately, currently, all rooms are fully booked. There are currently no plans announced to extend the collaboration, which is scheduled to last until September 30.

Yuri!!! On ICE is currently streaming on Crunchyroll with subtitles, and on FUNimation with an English dub. You can check out our report on the Prince Hotel’s Gintama-themed room here.

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  1. Dear lord, I want your job! That looks freaking awesome

  2. Where can I find the rates of the hotel room?

    • Hi,
      You can find the rates here (Japanese):

      Depending on the number of people, the rooms can range from 18,000 yen to 28,000 yen a night. However, the rooms sold out within less than a minute of pre-orders starting, so it’s not possible to reserve anymore.

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