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There’s a lot of interesting anime series coming out in the Summer 2017 season. And the series that has piqued my interest the most is Chronos Ruler.

Chronos Ruler follows a man named Victor Putin as he battles demons that eat humans’ “time.” In order to fight the demons, Victor himself manipulates time.

It can be difficult choosing anime series you find interesting to watch. Is it the premise, characters, voice actors, production company, director, key animator, music composer, or something else that grabs your curiosity? These are all completely valid reasons to start watching an anime series. But, none of those are why Chronos Ruler caught my attention. In fact, it’s the publication history of the comic series that has me intrigued about the series.

You may be asking, “Why the publication history of the comic series?” To answer this question, we have to delve a little bit into my past. I worked for a Japanese comic publishing company, and the editorial department I worked for focused on finding and developing international comic authors. For me, it was an interesting project because I strongly feel that for the Japanese comic industry to evolve, the next step is finding international talent. So, when I saw that Chronos Ruler was initially published by the Chinese publishing company Fan Fan, Inc., and later picked up by the Japanese publishing giant Shueisha under its Jump+ brand, I was fascinated beyond belief. This is because seeing international comic properties adapted into anime is, in my mind, a big step towards making anime and manga a truly global phenomenon.

Image source: TVアニメ『時間の支配者』公式 on Twitter

To be clear, I recognize there have been many anime series based on foreign properties in the past. These include Rascal the Raccoon (1977), Anne of Green Gables (1979), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1980), Ironman (2010), X-Men (2011), Freezing (2011), and many others. But, it’s uncommon to see anime series based off of new comic properties from outside of Japan. I full well understand why, too. There’s a lot of new content being produced domestically in Japan, so it can be difficult and even foolish looking for original content abroad. Yet, the production of Chronos Ruler is a great reminder there are stories all around the world that have the potential to become hit anime series.

I mean, just think of the limitless possibilities of comic properties from around the world that could become an anime series. Comic series like Brazilian author Max Andrade’s Tools Challenge, Indonesian author K.jati’s God You Must Be Joking, Italian author Salvatore Nive’s Galena Guard, or French author Nicholas David’s Mekaz, among many others. That’s just a small sampling of international comic authors, but there are so many more who have stories to tell. Stories that might even rival series like this past season’s Re:Creators, Love Tyrant, or Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor. Because of that, Chronos Ruler just fills my imagination with all the international comic authors and their series that might one day turn into anime properties. That alone makes me incredibly interested in the Chronos Ruler anime.

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Chronos Ruler will being airing on July 7, 2017. There is currently no streaming information available.

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